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Upsizing products alienates small spenders.

Have you noticed lately how Asda are making alot of items 'bumper pack sizes'. Instead of a small pot of cottage cheese you have to buy a large one which is just too much for one person. Now the washing tabs are in boxes of 20 instead of 10 etc.
I dont like the way Asda are forcing people to bulk buy. Its alienating us shoppers who pick up a small weekly shop.


Signup is a pain...

Singning up for a Youtube account these days means signing away your life and priivacy with the Google+ integration. I dont want a Google+ account so why force it on people?


Not a service worth paying for.

Im an artist currently paying soundcloud a yearly subscription to allow me to host music on there.
Their website is down, hacked, unavailable, experiencing problems, atleast every 2 weeks. And now the Facebook widget isnt working. This is unacceptable. A complete waste of time. How they have the nerve to ask people for money for this poor service which has more problems than BETA release is beyond me.


Nicely suprised, code worked!

Ive never purchased a phone unlocking code online before as over the years I have heard nothing but bad stories about it and the web sites selling the codes look unprofessional. Instead I always take my phone to a local shop to have it unlocked. But for some reason the byimei website looked professional & appealing and I parted with £16 to obtain an unlocking code and save myself a trip to the shop. On viewing the website 1 thing was immediately apparent, amongst all the information there was no information on how long they would take to deliver the code after receiving my money. After paying I was dubious, but I received an email to say my code would be sent within 48 hours. I received the code within an hour and it worked! If you need an unlock code and dont mind the prospect of waiting possibly 48 hours then byimei looks like an honest company.


No longer a customer...

Was a huge fan of Dominos from 1999 - 2009 when their prices were competitive with other fast food outlets. But then their prices started creeping up. I mean seriously £9.50 for a 9inch pizza! I'll get one from the supermarket for £2 thanks. Havent purchased a pizza from there for a couple of years. I can't justify spending nearly £10 on one pizza when I can get one of the same quality from the supermarket much cheaper.

Dynamic Sounds Car Audio Entertainment

Competitive prices but...

Offers the cheapest car stereos Ive found on the internet and they do free delivery. But their staff telephone manner leaves alot to be desired.


Nice platform, shame about the help section

Facebook is a great website for catching up with friends and networking. However, if something goes wrong with any of the functions on their website be warned you will be waiting a long time for the issue to be addressed.

To act as a buffer to the many people having problems, Facebook has a help section. This is an area for people to post website issues and await a reply from someone who can help. Threads go unanswered for weeks, months, years....


The price is right

I love Primark simply because this is how much I think clothes should cost. Having a mother who is a seamstress I have always been aware of how much it costs to make clothes and I simply refuse to pay overinflated prices for items of clothing. I have noticed the prices in Primark creeping up slowly. But some items like jeans and shoes still remain very low. The items I purchase in Primark are of good quality.


Very good

I purchased a handset on Virgin Mobile for my son 3 years ago and am very pleased with the reliable service and reasonable call charges.

T Mobile

Reliable service.

Ive been a customer with T-Mobile for many years and am very happy with the service they provide. I am on a contract and receive a new handset every year. The reception is good overall and the call center staff are pleasant should I call with any problems.


Internet is very reliable.

Ive been a customer of Virgin media since it was NTL. The internet is very reliable, I have a problem maybe once a year, if that. A small downside is calling them can be frustrating when trying to explain things to someone in a foreign call center, alot of the time the people in the call center dont have a very good grasp of English. That aside Vigin Media is very reliable service provider.

Happy customer for many years.

Always a great shopping experince from Ebuyer and the prices are good. As an avid pc builder I use Ebuyer regularly for components. I also use Ebuyer for purchases of other electrical equipment like televisions, printers, games consoles etc.

01 August 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review.

We are always very happy to hear of our customer's positive experiences using Ebuyer.

If you have any future queries, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team and they will be glad to help.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


In the shop or over the phone poor poor

Whether visiting a branch of Carphone Warehouse or contacting them by phone the experience is the same. Pushy, smarmy, caustic sales people who seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Trying to tell them over the phone you dont want to renew your contract is a nightmare (look out when you are put through to their 'Hard sales we dont want you to leave us' department. The worst incident was 7 years ago when I had to return a couple of faulty phones. When returning the second one I showed the shop assistant the fault and he claimed he couldnt see it happening. I was incredulous, he was a bare faced liar. I vowed never to purchase anything from Carphone Warehouse again and I never did.


Always out of stock.

Ive always shopped at Argos and the experience has been good overall, but recently Im finding more and more things are out of stock, all the time. This can be frustrating.


Fees creeping up & dodgy sellers.

Unsatisfactory shopping experiences - A website like Ebay opens up the opportunity for people to work in retail who quite frankly should not be working in retail. The majority of sellers on there dont have a clue how you should operate in the retail business. Bad customer service aside, so many of the items I purchase are faulty, or the seller sends the wrong item. Either way I have to go all the way to the post office to return items which is an inconvenience. So dont be suprised if you have a few unsatisfying shopping experiences on there.

As for Ebay the company, the fees are creeping up and up. I mean really how on earth does Ebay justify taking a £10 fee from something that sells for £100? Its just riduculous.


Tyreland - Charminster, Bournemouth UK

Cheap tyres but look out, they will try to rip you off other ways. Tried telling me my brake pads were so low they were dangerous and that my other tyres were dangerous blah blah. The usual scare tactics. What they didnt know is Im a mechanic myself. I almost laughed in their faces at the blatant scare tactics.
Look out anyone using this branch, cheapest tyres around but it comes at a price.


Started out ok, but then was just problems

Started out OK, items arrived promptly which is something I consider to be important.
But the cpu fan I purchased was not quiet as stated, so was a complete waste of time, very dissapointed. Then purchased 3 fans (which were indeed silent) all of which had bearing failure within 6 months. Purchased 3 replacement fans of a different brand and one of them didnt work. Very frustrating because each time a fan failed the pc had to come out of a rack, and motherboard and 2 hard drives had to be removed.

After request for return a Quietpc employee tried to blame me by saying 'there was alot of dust on the fans you returned, we think the fault lies with you'. Which is silly because the fan was brand new out of the box. I wont be buying from quietpc again.

29 July 2011

Reply from Quiet PC Ltd

Dear Miss Kennan - I'm sorry that you thought we were trying to blame you for using the fans in an extremely dusty environment. After only three months, the fans you returned had a lot of dust and fluff on them and actually we just offered advice that using a dust filter would be a good idea. We had already given a full refund so I'm not sure what else we can do to provide satisfaction. Please get in touch to let us know. Sorry to learn you are so unhappy with our company.

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I live in the UK. Electronics and engineering are my main interests. Im a thrifty shopper who refuses to pay high prices for items I purchase and dislike bad customer service. I research before purchases and would like to share my experiences with other shoppers looking to make an informed decision before purchasing from a particular company.