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Booking is quick and easy, getting a refund is not.

I stay in various hotels in London every week with work. On this occasion, I was visiting London with my wife to visit a friend in hospital and had to find a hotel myself.

OnHotels description of the hotel says: "The County Hotel is situated in the peace and quiet of the ancient Epping Forest" ... "At the end of the day, you will find our comfortable en suite bedrooms the perfect place to unwind."

However, once we got there, we DISCOvered that's not the case if you're staying on a Friday! Because: http://www.countyhotelwoodford.co.uk/county-hotel/over30s-disco.html

The disco is understandably loud, but unfortunately it can be heard clearly throughout the hotel, and we were as far away possible on the top floor! So shortly after checking in, I complained to reception who were helpless (e.g. we couldn't be moved to somewhere quieter, since the hotel was already overbooked, but I doubt there were any quiet rooms anyway). So afterwards I got online and found an alternative hotel, then we checked out. I requested written confirmation from reception of my complaint, and forwarded it to OnHotels' customer services the very next day, September 21.

It's October 24, over a month later, I still don't have my refund. They replied to my email 10 days ago, apologizing for their 'long investigation process' (well make it shorter then!)

Even if OnHotels did mention the Friday night disco, I've stayed in hotels where you would not hear such a thing from your room. So just mentioning the disco (which they didn't anyway) is not enough warning. It should be something like - "You're staying on a Friday, there's a Disco, but you don't have to go, it can be heard quite clearly from your room, you can even tell which song is playing and hear the DJ's announcements over the top of the TV programme you're trying to watch, if you're not tired, sing along, or even dance around your room!". Then I would not have booked this hotel in the first place.

Also, I've contacted OnHotels about this complaint more times than they have contacted me, which isn't great, having to follow up complaints leads to loss of credibility.

--- Reply to response from OnHotels ---

We did not stay at the hotel, it was not suitable for our needs, despite the description of the hotel on your site, which made it sound ideal.

I've just opened your website and gone all the way to a booking page for a hotel. I did not see any recommendation from you to read other guest reviews at all. Why did you say 'we always recommend our customers to read other guest reviews before booking one hotel', when you don't? You don't even have any links to TripAdvisor, so you clearly do not 'always recommend' this. If I lied like this in my review, you would have it taken down. I don't expect or appreciate being messed around.

This also sounds like you are saying something like this: "We are going to lie to you when we describe the hotels we have available, so don't believe anything we have said; it's up to you to find out what our hotels are like for yourself".

How long does it take to get the hotel feedback you need? Seriously, it's been a month now. If a supplier does not respond in a reasonable time, that's tough I'm afraid, the longer it takes, the less likely they are to remember what happened. It's not like they don't answer their phones when I call them. Apparently, there is sufficient feedback already at TripAdvisor, and I even sent you a letter from the hotel confirming the issue.

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24 October 2013

Reply from Onhotels.com

Hi Lee. We are sorry your stay at The County Hotel wasn’t satisfactory. We always recommend our customers to read other guests reviews before booking one hotel. TripAdvisor is a great tool for this. Currently, there are 173 guests’ reviews of this hotel in that site; some already complaining about the noise.

Regarding the refund, we are very sorry for the delay. Unfortunately some complaints take its time to be resolved. We’ll like to speed these processes but we depend also on the hotel feed-back. As you mentioned, we have contacted you recently to inform you about the state of your refund as this is taking long to be done. We’ll ask our Customer Service Team to keep monitoring your refund and keep you inform.



What's the point of this service? To rip you off. To take £20 for something which you can get for free. They say it's to 'check your application' but the official website checks your application anyway.



Insurance history in one place.

I use it for all my insurance shopping (cars & home). I've managed to beat my renewal premium every time (sometimes even with my existing insurer). I don't have much time to shop around, usually leaving renewal until the 11th hour!

Another thing I like about it is how I can see what I paid for my insurance last year, and the year before that, and the year before that... etc... (for all the years I've used it for). It's always interesting to see yet another claim-free year not make a blind bit of difference!!!

The insurance companies that take pride in "not being on comparison websites" are missing out on a great deal of valuable traffic. I used to call Direct Line for a quote each time, but they were never competitive enough so now I don't bother. Methinks the money they don't pay in commission to comparison websites is spent on advertising, because their quotes certainly are not any cheaper.

You can probably barter over the telephone for a better deal, but if you can't be bothered, are too busy or if you're like me and not facing that massive a renewal premium anyway, then comparison websites are the easiest way to shop for insurance, and confused.com is the comparison website I use.

People who think the site is complicated ought to spend the night filling identical forms with the 100+ different insurance companies to see how easy that is.


They do not follow the letter of the law.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, they are required to send cancellation details for the recurring subscription, in a durable medium. A page on a website is not considered to be durable under the Distance Selling Regulations or by the Office of Fair Trading, regardless of when it was last modified. If they do not inform you of your cancellation rights in this way, then there is no agreement.

Such communication must be made 'During the performance' of the contract. Which in the case of a service, such as a 'shopping club', does not start until the day after your order is made. So you must be informed about your cancellation rights after your order as well as before, at least the next day after.

Judging by the other reviews, they do not do this, and they certainly did not do this with me (as GoogleMail keeps all your archived emails which are very easy to search, I had no communication of cancellation rights).


Store good, website poor.

Finding a product you want was easy enough. Buying it was horrendous:
Roller blades:
> Press 'Buy'
Please select a size.
> Look for sizes, don't see anywhere you can select a size, no drop down field. Just some boxes.
> Press '28cm' (cm? really?), press 'buy'.
Choose a store.
> Enter Postcode, press OK, nothing happens, press OK again, choose Giltbrook.
Returns to page.
> Press 'check availability'.
Please select a size.
> Press '28cm' (again). Press 'check availability'
> Press 'Add to trolley'
> Press 'Go to check out'
> Press 'Buy'
> Press 'Continue without creating account'
> Dance around the fields trying to get them to validate once my browser's auto fill had already entered the fields incorrectly (because postcode is two fields (Why?) and it doesn't like spaces in the phone number (Why not?).
> Change favourite store to my local store.
> Enter weird security text (is it a 9 or a q?)
> The store I selected doesn't offer delivery, huh? It asked for my favourite store, it didn't say this would be used for delivery, why do I have to choose which store will deliver my goods anyway? I'm perfectly happy to be ignorant of that.

They would be better off listing their items on eBay compared to the system of purchasing they currently use.

Holiday Rentals

Great site for finding holiday accommodation.

I've had a few great holidays through this site now, never had a problem that was due to holiday-rentals.co.uk.


This site would have saved me £140!

...combined with the TrustGuard extension for Google Chrome, this site is an absolute gift! (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keeoocmiibbhbimcfljmplhpachfeomo)

Update: Why can't I reply to a review's reply if I don't have a Facebook account?! I just had to edit my original review to include my reply there. Now I don't know if they will look at my reply. I didn't need a Facebook account to create the review, so the experience is not consistent.

(I really don't want to sign up for Facebook! It only exists to make money, not interested in helping them.)

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