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Excellent website

Fantastic company, only ever had 1 problem which took a while to fix but tht's the joy of online sales. Excellent website, good prices, quick delivery and 99% of the time received in working order, unlike who are the opposite.

Overclockers UK

ABYSMAL customer service and LIES

Build your own pc and have a fault? I suspect the power supply. tough, they refused to check or replace it, have to follow the return procedure, wait 2 weeks for a date to return the ENTIRE BUILD, theb wait for them to test and then wait for a time I can pick it up.
This has happened a numbr of times which is why I don't use them anymore.

Add to that, he reason they couldn;t test the PSU when I brought it in was 'last time we did that it blew our buildings electrics and all the other buildings on the estate.' What a load of b*@#%$s. Home's have a master ONE HUNDRED AMP fuse!!! So they will have something similar, on top of that before it gets there you have your own RCB trip for your unit, and on top of that you have the fuse in the plug!!! Never have I dealt with a more incompetant and blatently lying company. Happily used the competition all around without anything remotely like this. AVOID THESE!


Shame about the useless website

So often I click a link and get a BLANK page. Tried it in Internet Explorer and Firefox and get the same. Either the website is poorly written or it is not compatible with the latest browsers and internet standards. Get with it Argos!! The site is well designed other than that which makes it a shame, as on the occassions in does it I shop elsewhere.


Fast and excellent price

Price is excellent and the delivery is quick and accurate. Never had any problems.

Lawson HIS

Fast and simple

No issues, searched, ordered and payed for goods simply and efficiently.

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