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the web service is terrible, got to chase your orders, and NO refunds only exchanges

As others have said, they don't advertise a customer service helpline but one is available , its advertised readily on their facebook page 0845 1299230 for customer service and not an email robot.

Today, I was no10 in a queue which took 10 minutes to be answered and it was a premium number 0845 on my mobile so call cost me £5.00. . I had not received my order paid for 5 days ago I paid via Paypal but the payment is still showing as pending , the guy on the helpdesk told me the goods were out of stock, and they had cancelled it.

HUH, as I did NOT get any emails about this and the payment has not yet come back to my account. he says it will take 5 business days excluding the weekend. He goes "check your junk mail folders" I did and there was nothing YET I must say how the spam emails came through every day, I got 3 today alone ,all spam,with sale emails and marketing ones, I have had to land on UNSUBSCRIBE on the emails but they still come.

On day 7 after I bought the trainers they emailed me to say the order was cancelled, why the f it took me through checkout and took all my details is beyond me when it was not even in stock.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we do not have any stock left of the products, which is why they were cancelled from your order. You should have received an email informing you of this but if you didn't I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Our website is updated on a regular basis and all items advertised online are in stock at the time of an update. Unfortunately on very rare occasions where we have small quantities of a particular item, orders placed between updates may exceed the quantity of items we have available. In such circumstances we will allocate goods to the customers who ordered the items first. The item will be removed during the next update.

You have not been charged for any items that have been cancelled and any authorisations for payment made at the time of placing the order will automatically be cleared by your bank. This process will take up to 5 days depending on your banks procedures.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services

I have used their web service before and been happy with decent goods delivered by Yodel.

IF the size is a good fit you are fine. BUT if you need to return an item you will wait an age for a refund. If you shop in their hot , crowded, fire hazard of a high street store, you will NEVER get a cash refund ONLY ever an exchange from the shop, which I think contravenes your consumer rights but they have had fancy lawyers draft up their terms that you enter into when you make a purchase, but. they should get in line with other retailers .

On the whole, I get my trainers for them and they are cheaper than other shops. The staff are rushed off their feet and the shops are claustrophobic and mobbed . The web page is not very helpful and the email contact form is initially answered by a robot.

P4D | Parcels for Delivery

useless ,hopeless words cant convey how bad they are

Shower of Total Idiots, lost my SENT TO someone at ebay parcel ,and took days to reply to emails and although they paid YODEL on my behalf, no one seems answerable at P4D. I then got to "prove" indeed they LOST the item that I am sitting here thinking that I should contact the BLOODY POLICE myself and report YODEL for theft of my item that mysteriously got collected then vanished into thin air. This 3rd party company run by a couple of AMATUERS should be avoided at all costs.. USE collect my parcel ! Pay them directly.Never be so daft as to think you will " save a few bob" as I did.

Very amusing story anyway...the person who pinched the item I had wrapped was in a brand new Dyson new one had been in it was A BROKEN DYSON and the buyer was a repairer to break and repair to his hearts content and so the thief will open the box to my new dyson...and find a crap old broken up thing that does not work


loved it but some items are overpriced

Enjoyed looking at the items on the website, and found some interesting items over xmas last year for my children. Couriered quickly and simple website to use. Some of their items were too expensive but the sale was not bad.


myherpes "couriers"? eh, ex cons more like

Why do companies use this mob? My leather purse from Debenhams was shoved roughly through my front door and scraped the leather, I was home as well but he didnt even ring my doorbell!!

Next time, he dumped my parcel in my wheelie bin but did not tell me ,he had not 'carded' me I had complained to Dorothy Perkins as the website showed tracking "left on porch ", i explained the item was not there when I got home, there aint no porch here??? am a scottish person, its a gardenpath and a front door! Or words to that effect and wasnt until a week later I " found" said clothing parcel in the lawnmower storage box and the bag was filthy the clothes were ok though as had been well wrapped.

This guy is a complete diddy who works locally with the deliveries. Looks like he was Quasimodo in a previous life, with the IQ of a turd.

I dread to think what other companies are using this shower of nobheads now, please amazon stick with the queens own royal mail carriers or use a pigeon LOL!

Brilliant company

I have used them before, and unlike other rivals, you reach a real person when you email! I had inadvertantly booked something but needed to cancel the uplift as soon as I realised my error I emailed, a person had contacted me and was great, and within 30mins the paypal was reversed and job cancelled.

I have every faith in them when I use the as the 3rd party to take a parcel , mainly a small 'ebay sold item' in some sort of chunky box.

Rather than the negative experience, of seeing myself in the past, cart a cumbersome box to a mobbed post office where nosy patronising staff ask "whats in it and is it worth more than £46pounds?" and sniff about like the parcel police ....whilst queuing bored adults with ill manners snort and sigh loudly and mutter 'godsake', under their breath, the complete opposite happens when you choose CMP!

You enter your basic details and state whats inside and its value and so on then a date for collection and then payment, your parcel number is right there on-screen and your labels, and they even have a facility to add the recipients email address so they too can tap in the tracker number and see when to expect delivery.

Flawless and painfree and if you have no car or a bad back or are housebound for any reason, it cuts a few corners for you!

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I had used them BEFORE the name changed when they were DHL, no negative experiences with but with the merged and HDNL/DHL/ Yodel, you send items they never arrive .I like my collection driver I would shag him hes not bad looking lol but they always lose stuff from the depot in strange circumstances.

in maybe 7 out of 10 cases, arrives anywhere in UK next day or two but a poor percentage go missing....sort your selves out am only using PO in future!!


bollo**s to be frank!

I recently purchased a medium sized/one man to handle item and the retailer sent me email saying "your item has now been dispatched, your nightfreight tracking number is ..... please click here to view the tracking".

THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM! The website looks fake, there is no access to "public users" to track an item, you have to sign up for a business account, wtf, it simply asked me for my postcode to locate my 'nearest depot'. I assumed I was to call and quote my tracking number so I rang the landline number which was displayed on the Saturday afternoon .Who picked up? A skanky sounding trampy doped up man he said he was a security guard ,and there was no one there. WTF is he doing answering customers calls? What sort of second rate shit are we talking here? If he wasn't there maybe his dog would answer it next?

It is day 3 since I got the email off the retailer so I am going to call them directly and ask the retailer where my fkn item is! Shambles!!


cool site if you hate ebay and want to work a flanker

good for sniping and detective work at ebay, but asks for donations , its ok for what it is, ie sends a reminder that you been outbid 4 days after the auction has ended lol


good and bad

Good online shopping, quick and discounts were honoured. Worryingly, a lot of supplements do not list possible serious side effects, herbs aint always safe, and web definitions are a bit short and sweet for example chromium supplements cited as aiding weight loss etc, unlisted with side effects of which there were many and it worries me that some supplements can be detrimental as it can badly interact with ie antacids ibuprofen and insulin ,and a lot of prescribed meds and you should possibly consult a pharmacist ,most are happy to help, but they dont work in h&b!! so for a store that sells some possibly toxic tabs, no one even monitors the quantity nor has a consultation room. pop to boots and ask their advice before taking a couple of tubs home if you are worried about a medical condition, see a dr, this is an alternative/complimentary health food shop after all, not intended to replace chemist shops or a gp!

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sometimes useful

have to say middle of the road good and bad...good as free for you to sell bits and pieces with tel number forwarding so your own number is secret, bad as adding some extras like being able to email a seller is £1 extra. i have had a totally muted response and no one rings, people are too lazy and a lot of timewasters wont contact you as forced to speak to you and haggle on the tel, most people are geared to email and lazy! if you ring an adtrader ad you are prob going to get the item for sale as its very slow , but the worst aspect was selling my old telly as posted on the web but it was the NEXT week when 5-8 people rang the day it went to print, as they had the actual paper mag and had just seen the ad by which point tv was sold and online ad was cancelled but mag reading respondants still got in touch, annoyingly!

good stuff

this is a good company to order from the vet products are a good price , and they issue private prescriptions for pets as well as foods proper items the vet sell and specialist things for your pets health and wellbeing ,saves a trip to a local vet to pick these things up

Semichem Ltd

its ok for some stuff

it is like the pound shop but some items are brand names and slightly cheaper so worth a look , they stock some pleasantly cheap perfumes if in a hurry for a last min gift! they arnet actually a chemist and dont do prescriptions but there is a couple of otc mild meds for sale.

Kwik Fit

pay over the odds

Women like me are stupid. And some men. Hmm. We turn a key hit a couple of pedals and go. 99 out of 100 women dont know or care about the intricacies involved when bits fall off the buggering thing!! LOL and that is what kwikfit prey on. Women being blonde and stupid. We go in with a simple request, mend my puncture, a dimwitted guy vanishes then re-appears with a doctored tyre and 5 screws hammered in the side of it behind the scenes LOL declaring its damage at the side and i need a whole new tyre, and by the way the back one is illegal and two are wearing away, i recommend you get a new set. and your trackings off. and you could get your aircon regassed. etc . and other attempts to delude and con are conjured up. imaginary faults and said in a conceivable and frighteningly believable way. so bear that in mind!! id choose kwikfit as there is no where else really to try ,for all i am being scathing of the conning tricks. they all do that! vroom vroom


like 'Halfords' but for pets

I hate Halfords for car bits, but as car shops go you are limited and have no choice, its halfords, ebay or a small independant shop ....well pets at home are same , everything there you could possibly need for your pet. But overpriced because they are market leaders. IF possible I advocate searching the web ie ebay ,amazon and checking for your pets collars leads, cages, food there instead by comparison. In the high street they are dominant , I like the fact they have a chilled attitude and staff are friendly and everything is at hand but for all its a big shop, the actual range was strangely a bit rubbish for pet shampoo and grooming i had much more success on ebay!!

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

CON-IST Direct a new name

I have ordered stuff before after getting an email saying clearance log in grab a bargain etc etc . I got what i ordered ....once. Wow. Once. I tried re-ordering the next time, I waited 3 weeks and still no items. Then I got so fed up, and just cancelled the order and got my paypal back. I had to OPEN A CASE AT PAYPAL FOR NON RECEIPT first though!

The site looks like it has a LIVE chat facility but it is just an advert/banner, there is no wee woman with a headset and a big glossy toothy grin waiting to resolve your query! lol

There is a 48 hr delay / response time to email then two people reply the same computer generated claptrap ramble response! I placed an order and got 3 emails saying the items were not in stock and a refund would be put in the paypal account which never came, then day 6 after ordering, a new email saying there was a delay of a further 3 more days awaiting stock. Some of the items I bought they said were now never coming back into stock as had been discontinued.

It is a bit of a hit and miss/ fits and starts website, run by a bunch of taliban reject halfwits , the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing, crap in other words. Bargains dont exist its a fallacy to get you in the site to browse and buy as looks like you are saving ££££ but really your time is whats being wasted if you like waiting for ignorant gits to post your items after 3 weeks and many emails in between saying not in stock then this is the site for you.

My advice, stick to boots and superdrug!!


cheap sums them up. and they smell! lol


clean facilties and airy

lots of free carparking , i am referring to the one i attend at paisley. some days it is dead as a dodo and no one goes. the staff are not in your face and its a laid back atmosphere. nice large and airy cinemas usually very clean .good wheelchair access points and fire exits clearly marked. food is available hot or cold but way too dear. staff dont give a monkies if you bring your own snacks in either, unlike some of those tightfisted rip off complexes like cineworld. some idiots have sneaked their children into 15 and 18 showings when i have attended as staff are not vigilant. but ive went out to management and said get someone in there, there was a father with 2 boys under 10 watching Jackass i was sickened, as an adult horrified that that goes on, am not a prude or a trouble maker but more steps should be taken to make sure that sneaky thing doesnt go on. adults who subject their kids to scary ,sex scened, filthy movies should be banned as it is like child abuse, plenty of kids films playing , but staff have turfed people out before when i complained and ive even had complimentary tickets as adult women heckled through a movie once and were pissed up . you pay good money to see a movie and should be able to enjoy it without all that nonsense. it is brill now its DIGITAL projection no more big white shafts of light with dust in the centre and wee wriggly dusty bits like worms on the screen lol


ok shop for the odd bargain

ok grub, fair clothing, good home department, nice staff


clear concise pages

get in and reserve those fabby tickets at the secc and those other venues too. staff manning the site always get the orders correct, real people answer queries on the phone and never had any reason to complain.


the power of dreams

interesting website, cars, motorbikes , wow factor, say i got a Honda and people generally say huh very nice. Refinements youd expect and well made ,a Honda car at 10 years old is still likely to look modern and still have zero rust! a name badge you are proud to admit owning! car snobbery at affordable prices!


why so dear tsk tsk

everythings so nice but oh so expensive the clothes are too small ,need to buy the next dress size up

John Lewis

items are not as image on website

i have had to return items before, a white handbag which arrived and was beige and a leather bag that arrived with a huge scratch on it as was just in a poly bag and didnt survive being flung about in a couriers van! shouldve been boxed. unimpressed as prices so high for well shoddy packaging.


free? not really

i got a junk mail off them saying get 250 FREE business cards which no one even uses these days, but i sent away for them a little card with a design on it , they came from norway or somewhere and the FREE bit is a fabrication the P&P was about £6 LOL so always click ignore for vista print .it is garbage


rubbish customer service

reporting a fault? hope you are fluent in urdu as soon be jabbering to someone not in the uk !! not to mention constant marketing calls from them and bombarded with postal junk mail.


expensive ott shop

may as well say buy from us for no warranty, cheap good sold at too high a cost, why no one shops at amazon is beyond me is this shitehole still trading?


sizes are guff and its for posers

the clothes are made one size too small. the type of person who shops at next is a know it all with more money than sense and they buy their food at m and s no doubt as other shops just will not do. false people in other words. they dress their babies in 3 piece suits from next and basically next is primark with better looking window displays and the shop assistants drink vinegar to get the correct expression when serving you. surprised they didnt go out of business in the recession pair of scants about £9.99 overpriced tat.


good deals but food horrid

good deals but bad tasteless own brands and a reputation that they deep freeze everything before putting it on display like bakery items. hmm.... ok in food emergencies they were the poor persons shop until farmfoods opened


yummy tasty

i have been reading their website and they sold it to me, i have had chicken style pieces, and mince and cant get enough of it, tasted exactly like little chunks of chicken when i added it to a stir fry and even my dad didnt realise the thought he had chicken as old people are horrified at the thought of this new concept.they are 71. i have faced a very odd response from mother who said no thanks will stick to meat, and a lot of daft statements but they are just scared of new things!! lol i like it i do eat much much less meat .i prefer quorn sausages and then i have fish now , no processed meat though, and feel healthier .i enjoy trying quorn it seems to taste even better than from a few years ago, a few tasty tweaks. try it its great.

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City Link

scan info all wonky

it looks like the scan info does not get updated, and so much for being next day a next day amazon delivery with tracking , amazon fantastic got it off to me right away indicating it would arrive next day...tell the webste of citylink that as it didnt arrive for two days and number didnt show updates, idiotic drivers made it son was waiting for a bike on his birthday and that is why i am not giving good stars as they ruined his day and he stayed in at the window every 5 minutes. and by 6pm he was in tears when i had to say looks like its not coming son.


some good some bad

some aspects of sale are good. what is awful is there is no record kept on your online account of the order you placed or previous orders, so if you mislay your packing slip and wish to return items to store, it involves ringing them up to get a note of your order number and some confused phonecalls when in store. and the girl in the store even rolled her eyes trying to explain to the call centre main debenhams as she had to double check with base that the serial numbers were legit made to look like a criminal and a big queue behind me as no specific returns desk in deb stores. their store confused me in layout i was returning a bag and was told go over to the bag vendor desk now. and i returned shoes and was told go over to that side of the store now. piss off with getting sent traipsing around each bit of a large department store cos you are returning shoes/ a bag and a dress the incompetancy is unreal for returns procedure!!


argos with a different name

they are argos but with slightly different page layout!



dunno how come they make so much money and keep opening stores ,as their food tastes so crap their cornflakes urgh tasted like minced up cardboard , gammon steaks hard to find any pink meat amongst the unsightly big white gigantic streaks of fat urgh, chicken kievs with grey meat urghh shards of bone inside the sliced cooked turkey meat, packet of 6 tomatoes in date but had blue hairy mould under them when opened pack at home....need i go on? my dogs food is safer and tastier. overpriced load of rubbish ,just a glorified farmfoods store to me nothing special. the clubcard points used to be good then they stopped the quadruple offers making you get just treble back and limiting it. home delivery is too dear.unfortunatly they are buying land and making 24 hr stores all over and extra stores go in for a pint of milk and have to walk 2 miles past washing machines and tellies. their clothes never seem to fit and are cheaply flung together prob by cloned chimps ive got too much time on my hands lol


sincerely amazed

boots, no1 ,deliver when they say they will or refund your delivery charges, post out free if you spend £40 or more, offers on all over the store, friendly polite staff, well presented easy to browse and use site, excellent returns service no quibble. friendly nice human beings to deal with and advantage card is a brilliant reward system. ive spent thousands on their site so should know!



perfume arrived without any cellophane seals and looked like some had been used when i complained via email twice both went ignored, they sell make up without seals as well which is wholly unacceptable and second rate, you cant complain in email as they just delete it.


handy site

met my fiance on there looked up local people to befriend looked at local musicians chatted to a few people seems a safe site


crazy bored loonies join

never did see the point of saying got up, ate, farte...went back to bed and people act out their life on there , its not real and its fantasy people getting sued for comments and celebs being cloned ,not for me.


just google it

dont need a dictionary, a menu, a telephone any more we will just google it find webpages, people, images ,specs of electronics etc the best search engine ever


great man

logged in to find old telly ads, looked at 1980's videos, watched people doing all manner of daft stuff and made some uploads myself, for the bored and the very bored a place to share vids from crazy pets and cute ids to crazy fights caught online and random near miss accidents and sports footage there is a vid we all will find to watch again . great

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i did sell a horrible dog once

you say £100 and people text they are too rude to ring, asking if you will take £40 instead and haggle you down , and if the reply simply says 'do you still have this?' it is from a scammer, people email you trying to get things posted again illegal, as it is meant to be a local ads free site. what about the tv i was selling i said the remote control came with it but the 'back was missing , although it still worked ok. 'some nob emailed asking if the tv worked ok even with the back missing, i was in stitches laughing imagining all the components and circuit boards and wires dangling out the back of it , this is what you are up against. people ask for your money and promise to post by what i have read a lot of nutters actually have sent money and waited .and waited. lol .the site and the police say only trade face to face, count the money make sure it is real as people use fake money on gumtree and sell stolen goods. it is ok for freebies .i have got rid of beds and washing machines that saved me paying the council a fee to remove....always some foreign trampy refugees happy enough to come for your battered beaten mattress

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waste of time joining

all the faces that come up of friends of friends? get knotted. i allowed a football fan to add me and then i was bombarded with, and had to look at about 1000 football thugs with player names and racism viewpoint as potential friends of friends, get to hell, i hate football and didnt want to see those slogans and those dafties who use pretend names and peope send stupid word games and childish quizzes across to you and access all your info, not safe not private, and just nonsense. dont tell anyone your real name. i have snooped at so many idiots who have their name age where they stay and even phone number and places of work and kids pics and not even hidden. i didnt even know my next door neighbour was studying psychology and working at farmfoods as well and some of those dirty pics at ann summers parties, i was shocked always seemed a respectable person....still now i have saved the pics to my pc and have their date of birth etc handy info if anyone would like to steal their id....dafties on the web join for what, who knows


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east lothian, United Kingdom


I buy stuff , am sure you do and that is why you are here, and I dont pull any punches, I give praise where it is due and will make sure people read about the crap service Ive received if it HELPS someone make an informed decision!!