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Moon fruit is an amazing company and the service it provides in terms of web design software is amazing, the simplicity of the drag and drop features mean that anyone can login and create a stunning website in minutes!

I've been a loyal and happy customer for almost 3 years now and each year it just gets better and better!

I've created 5 different websites so far with moon fruit, 4 of them being for a non ecommerce based business and one being an online ecommerce Business.

I could create both online shops and regular informative websites easily from scratch and using some of their templates.

Moon fruits customer service is also very good, free accounts can post on the online forum or to their Facebook page where dedicated forum and Facebook staff respond promptly. However one of the downsides which really bugs me about moon fruit is that paid memberships can only email moon fruit for help. I feel moon fruit need a telephone number as sometimes you really just need help now, instead of waiting days for a reply to your email.

Overall, if you are thinking of joining moon fruit do it! Open a free account play around with the features and once your ready do the upgrade.

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Hate it

Poor customer services. All foreign.

I asked for them to not send my item because I no longer wanted it and it hadnt even been dispatched. It was due to be dispatched untill another 3 days as it was a pre-order and they said no becuase they had put in the envelope! WTF! Its right there, take it out the envelope then! I was told I had to wait for it to come and then send it back.




Why did they double there fees from 10% to 20% comission and then the paypal fees too! Its too much, how can we make a good profit when about 25% of it goes to eBay, especialling when you sell high valued items. Mine was selling at £200 with a nice profit, but then the increase comes along and now I've got give eBay/Payal about £27 commision!

I have now stopped using eBay and many more business owners will be forced to aswell.



Gets you from A to B!

Brilliant. Always friendly check in staff, in fact there check in staff are better than British Airways!

Customer service on board is Average, but hey I dont mind once Im on board.

Brilliant company competitive fares. One tip, Book in advance and you could save over 50% than booking last min.


Good but definitely room for improvement

Scream Wholesale is a great business. I first opened an account with them in December 2010. I began selling there mini 49cc quad bikes. The bikes were proving to be very popular and I placed many orders with scream. In the beginning I had a lot of complaints about the quad bikes; the main issue was the quad not starting, each day I would get a phone call regarding this. However scream wholesale were very good and gave some great advice which I passed onto my customers. We were able to resolve the problem but obviously it made me look bad.

I continued to sell these bikes despite the regular complaints, and for a while everything was fine, I received only a handful of issues out of the bikes I was selling. However recently sales have declined, this is partly due to the screams new minimum web sale price. For most of their products they have a minimum price you can sell them for. I was selling the quad bikes at above this price; I charged £186 plus £26 delivery, so the total came to £212. However once the new minimum sale prices was introduced you couldn’t sell below £205. I asked if I could advertise it at £186 but still charge £26 so the total comes to £212 which is above their minimum price. However I was told no.

Since increasing the price to £205 plus £8 delivery there has been little interest, and people are using the minimum sale price as a guide line for what they should be selling it for making it more competitive. EBay have also doubled their selling fees to 20% commission on each sale thus reducing profits to just £6 a bike if sold at £205!!! Due to all the eBay and paypal fees.

Unfortunately I have now stopped selling the quad bikes due to another rise in complaints and a decrease in profits. The main factor for me to stop selling the quad bikes was the tone of emails received back when I sent an email asking for advice to John - an employee at scream.

Whenever I received a complaint from my customers I would request pictures and then email them to John to ask for advice and see if he would send out the spares if covered by the warranty however sometimes he was very helpful, but his emails are very plain one lined and sometimes come across as rude, for example I sent an email with a picture attached of a damaged wheel asking for advice and I got an email back in capitals saying 'ITS BEEN RUN FLAT' Does that make a good impression on scream?

But overall I have had a fairly mixed experience with scream, most staff are very friendly including John on the phone and helpful, Fiona is very good too. However they need to work on their emails. I am now looking to sell screams wide choice of remote control products, which I have sampled and the more expensive ones are very good!

I would like to sell the quad bikes again in the future, if scream maybe quality checked their bikes, or even changed supplier. I know you get what you pay for but I and my customers at least expect it start :)

Scream - I hope these comments help; it’s an honest view on my experience. I look forward to continuing to trade with you.

Best wishes,
Kidz World

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