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Delivery nightmare,

Having had 3 failed deliveries, wasting days waiting for my dog food I called and complained to the customer service department. who eventually offered to refund me. The day after when I had already placed an order with someone else I was called and told I could no longer have a refund & that my order was back out for delivery. The problem is HDNL, Love Pets use this cheap courier (highlighted on watchdog twice) to send out their goods & don't really care if it arrives or not. I won't be shopping at Love Pets again, not that i'd need to for a while anyway as I now have twice as much dog food as I needed.


If only there were 0 stars

Have stopped buying from Amazon, unfortunately finding out the hard way that some other suppliers will use them too. Its a miracle this company even exists, i urge all of you to complain to watchdog in the hope that they can be made an example of.


Hidden charges everywhere

I've used flyby a lot recently while contracting in Belfast, Site is reasonably easy to navigate once you've figured out to to cancel all of the pre-added optional extras. However some problems with the site, on more than one occasion the website has had my return date booked for a different day. Check in staff confirmed to me it happens a lot, but refused to move me to the correct day, instead forcing me to cough up another £130 to buy another flight, then refunded almost nothing on the erroneous one. So double check the whole date on your confirmation!!


Great site, but terrible service & false delivery expectations

Overall poor service, great flashy website, but it took me several phone calls each one being told something different about expected delivery dates for a chair I ordered. Website said one working week, first call centre agent said 10 days, second 2 working weeks, 3rd up to a month & even then not guaranteed. Call centre staff are extremely rude and not at all interested in you as a customer. Ended up cancelling the order & took another 2 weeks to get a refund. Never shopping at Debenhams again.

Fast delivery & great prices

Easy to navigate site, great prices not usually beaten elsewhere (although its always worth a look) & fat, free delivery. What more could you ask for.


Cant fault Nespresso

Coffe is fantastic, well worth the small premium & still cheaper than starbucks or costa. Delivery service I found to be spot on, usually my orders arrive within a day. Even calling customer services has been a pleasure and I was very impressed with the new customer courtesy call. My only problem has been with the Nespresso expressions range, Its a bit sad that they sold out within a day only to find Nespresso allowed people to buy in bulk & sell on at 200% markup on ebay.


Generally good,

Generally good quick dispatch for everything i've bought, however when items are sent via HDNL there seems to be no end of problems.


Terrible customer service

I've closed my account, as the customer service teams are simply inept. Despite emailing and calling them on more than one occasion, even when speaking to a human being all i get is a scripted robotic response, which never has anything to do with my problems. ebay is the biggest thieves bazaar out there, and they charge a huge premium for the pleasure of hosting.

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Sunderland scuba Centre

Quick delivery, knowledgable staff, great prices

Not much else to say, Probably one of the cheapest on the Net, the staff are willing to help when you call & delivery was very quick. Would recommend without hesitation

Pet Supermarket

Quick delivery, great service, excellent products at rock bottom prices

Repeat customer, after a recommendation from a lady walking her dog in the park. I now tell everyone who asks when I'm out with my dog.

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