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good price

Bought an electrical item that was 20% cheaper than Amazon.

Exceptional AV

Arrived very quickly

Very good delivery and price.

Good rads but avoid the timers

The rads are fine - look good, are solid and heat well (no cold sections). However, the two timers supplied were faulty. In both cases, the internal wiring was incorrectly fitted.We don't think that they are dangerous, but just wont work. In our case, we needed to fit these desperately, so I paid our sparks extra to rewire. I wish of course that this had not been necessary. Just don't purchase these timers.

07 August 2011

Reply from Geyser Radiators Ltd


Thanks for your feedback. In response to your comments:

These timers are not faulty in any way. To Explain: For the sake of people reading this, the timer in question is the "Pre Programmable Digital Timer" (not the "Element Temperature Control Plate"). Our manufacturer of these timers explained to us, on delivery of our last large batch that a small proportion of the units may have been incorrectly wired for the UK market. Each unit supplied would need a quick check to see if a couple of internal black wires needed swapping around to correct the slight oversight on the manufacturing line.

With this, in conjunction with our manufacturer we produced detailed informative stickers and attached these to the box of every time, with clear images to show how the wiring should be checked inside the device. The fitting electrician would nee to double check against this picture when opening the device and wiring it in. We decided not to go ahead and do this ourselves as we didn't want to damage the units by opening them in our warehouse and potentially damaging the screws heads on them.

We have literally sold 100s of these timers over the last 6 months all with the afore mentioned sticker attached as a double check and 99% of electricians have gone ahead and done the check no problem. We have clearly stated what needs to done and not hidden this information in any way. This is how the electrician in the case above would have had the knowledge and on how to correct the issue for this customer. They are not 'faulty' in any way. If fitted and incorrectly wired they will simply cause the electric to trip until correctly wired.

For the sake of the customer above, really your electrician should not have charged you more for this check and re-wire, as it would have taken him about 1 minute maximum to do this, so you have been unduely charged and this is the first time we have heard of this.

However if you would like to send me a copy of your bill with how much extra you have been charged I will look into reimbursing this for you.

Please be rest assured there is no 'fault' with our timers and customers should not be put off from buying these products, as I have clearly expained above how and why these information stickers have been provided to keep our customers fully informed of this minor check to be made by your electrician.

Paste this link into your browser to view the timer in question where you will see images showing how we include details of how the wiring should be installed and checked:

Alex Ramsay
General Manager

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