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Top Banana !!!!!!

I've always used my local tyre garages in the past but had loads of issue with them not stocking the right tyre and or trying to sell me someting I didn't want etc... So I thought I give these guys a go....When booking the appointment I chose to call and speak to someone rather than sort it online....I needed a Saturday appointment and I needed it to be done before 1pm as I needed to be elsewhere at 1.30 ... My time was booked between 11 and 1PM...Martin the fitter arrived just after 9.30 and fitted the 4 tyres in just over an hour...No hassle, no problems and I didn't have to sit in a drafty waiting room drinking cheap and nasty coffee out of a plastic cup while I waited...the experience was much better than the place that recon "you cant get better than a ...." and AT5.. would I use Tyres On The Drive again..yes...without a doubt.

K. Steadman.


Don't waste your time or money with Digico.co.uk !!!!!

Ordered and paid (£1497.00) for a SONY 52" LCD TV on 9th Feb 2009 and was told delivery would be a week ....a week past and I called again to chase delivery, and was told it would end of Feb...end of Feb was told it would be Mid March...called again and told it would be end of March...there's a pattern forming here!!! - We were told that our original choice of LCD would be upgraded free of charge to the latest model to "compensate us for the delay, but guess what, at the end of March we were told it would be end of April. Every time the same excuse was used - supplier issues, I even called the supplier and asked if these TV were available, and was told the best thing to do was cancel my order...I got the impression that the supplier was a ware of this company and had been contacted by customers before with the same problem, On the 26th April I cancelled the order and asked for a refund of my money back onto my Credit Card...Was told it would take 3 working days...3 working came and went, no money refunded.....5 days passed and I called them - was told that the finance department "were'nt in" and to "call back on Tuesday 6th May. This company have done nothing but give false promises, sold goods they don't have in stock, taken my money and sat on it for two months, lied to me about refunding it - refunding a credit card takes 5 minutes using the supervisors card that comes with all EPOS (credit card machines), and even refused to refund it when I said I put a dispute in with the credit card company over it.... So I now have a dispute open through Egg (Visa) to claw back the money and any interest charges, plus costs - Trading Standards are also involved. Digico.co.uk part of DEO / TTC has mugged me for this money and to add insult to injury I now have to wait for Egg (visa) to investigate this which could take upto 3 months before I get the money credited back on my card.....If your still reading this - take my advice...DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY....These people do not have any integrity at all.

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