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City Link

Totally Unreal - Never known such a timewasting pathetic excuse of a company!

I am writing this review due because i have never ever known such a worst delivery/collection company in my entire existance!

I had a parcel arranged by tesco to be collected and according to the city link website all seemed ok and ready to be collected on the 15th May. I was told to wait at home from 7:30am until 6pm as they couldnt give me a specific time, so i booked the day off work, and waited. Had to also get my husband to leave work early to collect the children from school because under no circumstances was i missing this city link driver. I waited in all day and no city link driver turned up.

I contacted tesco whom couldnt do anything as city link where no longer open, and was advised to ring back in the morning. Another costly phonecall. I telephoned first thing in the morning, and just got an apology from tesco, and they said they would rearrange for today the 16th may, so another day i had to book off work. I asked tesco if they could find out from city link why this parcel was not collected yesterday, and they informed me city link had received the collection notification but they had failed to inform the driver of the collection, and they were sorry but it would definately be picked up today. I myself, managed to get hold of my local city link depot's telephone number, rung them to confirm the collection was 100% going to take place, and the lady whom i spoke with went speaking with another department to check the drivers list. I was informed yes it was definately being collected, the driver had been informed this morning, and it would be anytime up until 6pm.

So again my husband has had to leave work early to do the school run, and guess what! They have failed to collect yet again!!!! So i am absolutley fuming!!! I have just contacted tesco yet again, costing me more money in phonecalls, and all i got was another apology, and that all they can do is rearrange yet another collection but this will have to be on Friday, so that will be 3 days ive had to book off work, and 3 days my husband has had to leave work early to collect the children.

I have never ever experienced anything quite like this, i find it absolutely disgraceful, and i would advise anyone who is thinking about using City Link for any services that they steer well clear.

I will be writing a formal complaint to both tesco and city link, because this is just not acceptable.

Fantastic Company!!

I use CheapSmells quite alot, for various products, mainly hair supplies. They have always been fantastic with their delivery timescales, and also customer services. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is a first time shopper! Wish all companies could be more like CheapSmells. x

Absolute Joke!

If you ever place an order with dont expect it to arrive anytime soon, or even at all for that matter. I placed an order which never arrived, and i waited the specified time before contacting them to report item not recieved. When i did contact them the customer services over the telephone were very unhelpful, abrupt and down right rude! I was told i had to wait a further 7 days, in which i did, then i telephoned and was told i would be sent a form via email within the next 24 hours, which i needed to fill in and send back via the post. I asked why i couldnt fill it in, scan it and email seeing as though i had waited over 1 month for the actual refund so far! They said they would not allow this.

I waited 24 form

Contacted again....told me they would again send the form within 24 hours...

I waited a further 24 form

Starting to lose my patience....telephoned again, and explained i was not getting off the phone until someone sent me the form....and low and behold the form appeared! How difficult was that??? really!!??

Filled the form in, and had to send via post...made sure i sent recorded delivery, not having them trying to pull a fast one 'oh we havent recieved it' malarky!

Telephoned a few days after the form had been signed for, had to prove it had been signed for by giving her the Royal Mail Tracking number....was informed they would process refund....

So in all it took me a whopping 1 month and 3 weeks to get a refund!

I will never use this company ever again!

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Placed an order on the 9th February, all items stated in stock, checked the order the following day, to notice 2 items where actually out of stock, so decided to cancel the entire order. Cancelled on the 10th February. Recieved my bank statement only to find they had taken payment for the 2 instock items, when their policy states they do not take payment until good have been despatched...what a load of crap that is!

E-mailed on several occasions with no response whatsoever. Telephoned this morning to be informed it was a very strange situation as they dont normally take payment until items have been despatched. The lady i spoke to said she would look into the matter.

Telephone call recieved back, stating they have passed it up to the payments team, who will look into it, to double check payment was taken and then refund accordingly. (Even though the CS advisor could see clearly it had been taken i still have to wait a further x amount of days).

So my advice to all who order and cancel, double check your bank statements because this was the 9th february and we are now the 21st february, and if it wasnt for me ringing up they would never of refunded the money! Well thats if they actually do....


Avoid like the Plague!!!

This company is an absolute joke! I attempted to place an order on the 11th february. Upon entering payment details, and hitting submit, the website threw an error message back at me, so i gave up. Never recieved an order confirmation, my account with them shows 0 orders in my order history, yet i have recieved my bank statement which shows they have taken money for the item i tried to order!

Never recieved any goods, and as i have stated above, no order confirmation sent to my email, no orders in my order history.

I looked for a contact telephone number on their website, but their isnt one. Contacted them via email several times, no response. So i was advised to try contacting them on Twitter, to see if they could provide a contact number, and the answer was No, only e-mail address. I have once again contacted them by email, but dont expect a response, as i havent had one the past 2 times ive emailed.

I would avoid this company like the plague, they take money from your account when you havent ordered anything, and do not respond to emails. I have explained in my email if i do not get a response from my 3rd email then i will be contacting trading standards about this company, as it is an absolute joke.


New to Online DVD Rental

I have recently left Lovefilm, i was with them for 8 years and cancelled due to some films i wanted to rent where unrentable only available to purchase. I checked Blockbuster and all films that i wanted from Lovefilm but couldnt rent, where rentable on Blockbuster. I am currently within my 2 week free trial, and have to say up to now they have been amazing. They despatch your new dvd's super fast, and they arrived the very next day!! I was amazed! The only thing i dislike about them, is the layout of the website, and how you view your current rental list etc. Lovefilm is much more easier to read and easy on the eye. If they fixed this issue and made it more like Lovefilms layout then they would be 10 out of 10! Lets hope Blockbuster keep me a customer for the next 8 years :)


8 Years....

I have been with lovefilm for 8 years, and have just recently cancelled. They have been a pleasure to deal with however, i got annoyed this past year as some films i wanted to rent where only available to buy, when looking further into it, it seems some of the creators of the films have had arguments with lovefilm, and therfore lovefilm do not rent out these films. I checked with another online dvd rental service, and they rent out all films, so i have opted to cancel with Lovefilm and move on to a new DVD Rental company. Its been a good 8 years, but sadly time to move on!


Slow Delivery!

Ive placed a few orders on Zavvi and all have arrived, however the despatch time and arrival time are a joke! They are the slowest company i have ever dealt with regarding delivery times. If your looking to get an item urgently, i suggest ordering a few weeks in advance.


Bad Customer Services

I placed an order for 2 games, both said brand new. One item turned up and it was used!!! The disc was scratched, and the game had been resealed in a homemade cellophane. Absolute Joke! The other game never turned up. I contacted customer services, and was told someone would get back to me within 48 hours. I waited and nothing. After 2 weeks i decided to contact them yet again, and they finally responded. They refunded me the game that never arrived, but i am yet to have a response about the game that arrived Used. I will not bee using the this company again in a hurry!


Not too bad

Flew with easyjet to Spain, flights were not delayed both ways. Which was a bonus! The people at the check-in desks at Liverpool where rather polite, however the people at the check-in desks at Spain where the most rude abrupt people ive ever met. The flights where both smoothly, however choice of hot food on board is minimal, and of what there is, wasnt nice at all. I am a person who used to love the whole Plane Food where you got a meal on a tray, and dislike the fact this option is not available on the flight. There where also no tv's on the flight, like you get on majority of others, so you had nothing to do for the duration of the flight. I asked for a blanket and pillow for my baby boy, as he was tired, and they said we stopped doing those along time ago. Which i found a disgrace!!! A flight is meant to be a pleasurable experience, and the simple things matter! Dont think i will be using easyjet again in the near future.


Favourite Company!

I absolutely adore next!! I shop daily online, and i am always up at 4am for the Next Sales!! Especially the Christmas one! I save up all year round and ask family and friends to buy my children next vouchers, for me to take with me to the next sale. Last christmas i spent £400 which realistically would of cost me over £800 if i had bought when not in the sale! The quality of the items are outstanding! They wash wonderfully, and touch wood ive never had anything faulty, or developed into a fault, and i can safely say this is the only company that ive never had a fault with clothes from! The only thing about online that annoys me is the fact that you have to pay £3.75 for a next directory, i do believe it should be personal preferance, as i myself do not even look through it, as if i shop online thats exactly what i do, browse the website. I think the directory should be a choice, Also delivery should be free over a certain amount like the majority of companys do, i.e Spend £50 get free delivery. I spend hell of a lot of money with Next, and also think they should run promotional offers besides the Sales. Like companies send out emails with promotional codes for money off, etc there needs to be some loyalty promotion for customers who spend lots of money with Next.

Fab Company!

I love shopping with Ebuyer has they have soo many good offers on, the only thing that bugs me is the cost of delivery! I really think they should either have a set figure for postage costs, or give it for free like the majority of companies do now anyway! x

09 August 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

We would like to thank you for your positive review.

I have noted your thoughts on our delivery service and will pass these comments along.

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team on 0871 521 3300 who will be happy to help.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


Great Service!

I think amazon are a brilliant company, have soo many good deals, and prices to die for! Love the free super saver delivery, just wish it was a bit quicker is all! x


Fabulous Service!!!

I placed an order for an Xbox 360 game, i did read they send 1st class post, but i did not believe for one second that i would recieve the game the day after!! I was in utter shock when i did! Such a super fast delivery service! I will be definately using this company again, and will be recommending it to friends and i would highly recommend them to everyone else for that matter!!!!

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