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Jaques of London

No more lost balls with Comeback Tennis!

I was delighted to be able to obtain this innovative product through Jaques of London as a gift for my sister. It arrived pretty swiftly and in time for her actual Birthday but unfortunately it was only covered in a sheet of brown paper and therefore the box had been damage so much that my family had thought I bought it second hand. The next part has been written by my sister for who this was bought.

“The idea of the Comeback Tennis is truly excellent however my enjoyment was over briefly within 24 hours as a) the elastic crumbled away and b) the ball loop broke within a few hits and after I managed to tie the loose loop to the elastic to enable me to continue playing, the ball soon split. Initially, it wasn't clear how to build it as there were no instructions - only "assemble as illustrated" but this wasn't very well illustrated and the colours in the image differed from the product.

As the concept of the game was good, I wasn't going to be beaten so I have used covered black thin elastic (the kind used for dress/necklace making) and put two slits in a normal tennis ball and thread this elastic through it. This has enabled me to continue using the game but it is disappointing to have to do this. The elastic needs to be improved greatly and the strength of the loop in the ball. Spare balls/elastic should be supplied too to make it worth the money.”

I as purchaser feel that more care should have been made in the protection of the box in transit – which one would want to keep for storing the game. As my sister says the ball and elastic needs to be better. Despite all this, hours of fun have been had and hopefully will continue.

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