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Spot on!

I've used Webtogs on a number of occasions & always found them to be excellent. So I'll keep going back.


Have I been unlucky.................3 times in a row?!?

I was looking for travel shirts for a trip away in a few months. There were a few specific items I had seen, and came across the trekkit site which had one of them listed. The item was in the "75%+" sale. £40 down to £8.75. Stock was listed available in my size, so I proceeded with the purchase. After 10 mins or so I had received an order confirmation. I then decided I'd go back on and see what else I could purchase that may be on offer. I then ordered another 2 items "in stock", and promptly received another confirmation. Job done!

The following day I receive an email relating to my first order. Quote " I am sorry to say this item is not available as unfortunately it was bought on the internet sale previous to yours. I will refund you in full for this item. Sorry for any inconvenience caused" Then a few minutes later a 2nd email arrives.....Quote " Good morning again, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news again, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find these items, due to being old stock it seems to be a few stock errors in our system. I will issue a full refund for these items and again I am sorry for any inconvenience caused to you" Once i could appreciate, the second order for another 2 completely different items made me wonder. So I then email back (more out of curiousity.....already knowing what the reply will be) asking if they have another item available which is in my size and "in stock" according to their website. Guess what...........no they don't have that either.

It leads me to 2 conclusions. they either (a) Advertise stock they dont actually have, or (b) they are just generally incompetant when it comes to web sales.

Buyer Beware.


A mixed bag really.

I have had a Virgin mobile contract coming upto 2 years now, after switching from o2. The first mistake (admittedly, my own) was opting for a Blackberry curve (Avoid!) but that's for another review. The online billing and the deal itself is okay. The major letdown is the signal. Living in a relatively large town you would expect to have a good constant signal, however......no. I think the expression is...."up and down like a whore's drawers" It really is that bad.


in my experience, very good,

I have used the Evans Cycles website a number of times for spares, tools and accessories. I can honestly say I've never had a problem, in a lot of instances received the goods the next working day.

Wide variety of stock, which also shows availability, and quite a few bargains can be had during sales periods too.

Very pleased. (Halfords........take note)


No complaints.

I tend to use the Ikea UK website for surfing then checking stock availability at my 2 local stores which is very useful. I have ordered some large items for delivery recently and had no problems whatsoever with it.

For extra discounts on selected goods, it's probably worthwhile getting an Ikea family card. This also gives you the opportunity to view future months discounted products.

So a thumbs up from me.


Ahh good old Tesco!

I remember as a child in the 80s my mum would avoid our local Tesco's.(south Manchester area) Not that we were snobs, but the shops were tatty and didn't really have a great deal of choice....according to her.

Oh how times have changed...........or have they? I remember overhearing someone once say Tesco was now the home of the Chav, it did make me chuckle. That was until I visited a branch who had just opened a cash for gold centre within the supermarket. Hmmmm

My own personal opinion is Tesco has gone from a small downmarket superstore, to a very large chain, of what in reality are, or can be percieved as.....downmarket superstores. In that they don't really offer a variety of produce or goods, they just seem to cater to the surrounding catchment areas.

I would agree with another reviewer saying Tesco has helped ruin British retailing. However at the end of the day it is the consumer with the buying power. Especially in such harsh economic times, people will want to reduce their shopping bill. so shop at Netto, Aldi, Asda, Morrisons etc etc


The laminated pages of Joy.....

According to Bill Bailey that is.

I don't do a great deal of shopping with Argos, however I have used them a few times, and yes it's a simple straightforward process. Never had any problem, therefore I would recommend to others, along with Bill Bailey


PC World by another name.

Personally I would avoid.

They are owned by the same group as PC World (DSG Retail), Therefore offers, prices, discounts and even the spotty sales assistants will probably be the same.

To confirm this I just double checked (not the sales assistants that is)

Advent Monza 15.6" laptop

Currys £299.99
PC World £299.99

Neither have stock listed available for home delivery...however you can collect 'from store' Probably along with unicorns, the magic porridge pot and other fairy tales.


Halfords for the PC community

I drifted into a local PC world last night with a friend who was looking to purchase a new PC. Fortunately I'm quite savvy in the world of home computing, therefore offered my help.

Choice - For his price range there were approximately only 4 computers to choose from, HP, Advent, Lenovo etc (I prefer the big brands myself for warranty & spares availability).

Information -The information to hand was fairly dumbed down, as though being customers we need spoon feeding basic information... It has a new Intel blah blah blah processor which means you can store 500,000 photographs!! Whoopee. Is it a dual core processor?, tri core? god knows....What speed is the RAM? Does the graphics card have a DVI connector? I could go on........

Price - Well, the ones available were an average price for a Windows
PC, however I couldn't help feeling I didnt have all the relevant information at hand to make a decision. Namely RAM speed, SATA type etc etc........Wasn't impressed

Customer service - To be honest I was expecting to be pounced upon straight away, however 5 minutes elapsed, then he appeared............
the spotty teenager...............Have'nt I seen you somewhere before?

Online ordering - Quite a few "bargains" listed on the PC World website, not available for home delivery, yet if you select collect at store, they don't have it either. Rather like a broken pencil......pointless

To sum it up, if you want a PC specific to your needs have a look at DELL or HP etc. In some instances you can customise a computer to how you want it, and not some off-the-shelf product PC World want to flog you. I customised my friends PC on the DELL website, managed to get free delivery and it worked out £50 cheaper than an equivalent at PC World. "I rest my case Your Honour"


Very good.

I tend to purchase most of my formal shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. The down side being the retail price can be quite high. There are however always plenty of styles available during their sales period. Ranging from £19 to say £39, for a shirt normally 'retailing' around the £75 mark.

All in all, very well made quality gear, stylish and they even offer monogramming to shirts to give it that individual touch.


Okay apart from the one gripe

I have recently switched provider due to moving house. Prior to the move I did my homework. Orange I wouldnt touch with a bargepole (i'll save that for another review) Talktalk i've heard are equally abysmal. I was left with 2 options really, Virgin or Sky, and eventually opted for a full Sky package...namely Broadband, Phone & TV. (approx £40, and no line rental to BT). I've had Sky since July now, in all honesty I'd say 70-80% of the channels are fairly crap for want of a better word. Yes there is the odd program, but thats about it. My one major gripe is the adverts, whereas terrestrial TV has around 4-5 ads per break, Sky can easily have double, which tends to spoil the program.

The bulk of the programmes I have saved on the sky+ box are off the BBC HD channel, so would I renew in 12 months?......probably no, and switch back to Virgin broadband. The Sky broadband by the way has been fine, no issues and always a good speed, its the TV that has let it down.



So far, I have used Allweathers once. I read their reviews prior to purchase, and seeing as they were the most competitive price, I gave them a go. I can't fault them, fast & excellent service. Would certainly deal with again, and recommend to others.


So far so good.

I've used Comet online once so far, and found the experience to be a good one. Wide variety of products listed on their website showing stocking availability or not, and competitive prices. The delivery date I reqested was met, so no problems at all really.


Not how it used to be.

I have used Ebay for both buying & selling over the years, coupled with using their bank Paypal. Price hikes on selling goods have happened more recently as has the shift towards more protection for the buyer and less for the seller. The idea behind ebay is great and yes you can find a bargain, however I can't help feeling it's lost its original purpose. Something also to be wary of is the scam, in whatever form it may be. You only tend to learn these things by experience, or doing plenty of research.

Nb Counterfeit goods.. I was having a look at North Face outdoor jackets last night and found around 8 fakes on ebay in the space of an hour, most of which were being bidded on. So as I said above do your homework!

HomeServe UK

Maybe I should become a plumber?!?

First of all I'm leaving this review on behalf of a relative.....a senior citizen, shall we say. They have had a contract with Homeserve for a number of years now, hoping that in the event they should ever need help they can contact Homeserve, and how does it go on the ads.......

"The Homeserve man can"

If only.....In the new year they were contacted with a drainage fault at the property. £50 excess was paid and a chap eventually turned up after the 2nd or 3rd phone call. For my relative to be told "nowt to do with me pal, you need the waterboard"

I guess the icing on the cake was the secret increase on the direct debit without informing us. Needless to say they were apologetic, and even offered to reduce the increase by a couple of £. I say a couple as that's what it was. Homeserve were then promptly shown...how shall I put it.....'the middle finger'

If everyone out there wishes to pay me £15 a month, plus a £50 excess each time, i'll gladly come and have a look, but don't expect miracles................


Trying not to rant........

I'm going to try and write my view fairly however it will probably descend into a one sided rant. Facebook..............On the face of it it's a good idea. Yet over time I can't help feeling it's just utter sh*t. Apologies for swearing.

If people want to contact me, pick up a bloody telephone or email me, I don't bite. Don't send me a sodding 'feed my pet request' or some other inane crap. I have better things to do with my life.

Security has been another issue over the years with Facebook, something which seems to have been addressed latterly, but I still can't help feeling why would you want everyone to know your business?!?

I did originally rate it as 2, but dropped it to 1 as it's pi**ed me off all over again.


Have always been reliable

I have ordered numerous items off the M&S website over the past few years and never had an issue. Stock levels & sizes are clearly listed and deliveries are prompt. The returns process also seems straightforward (albeit I have never used it)

The Utility Warehouse


I could sum the Utility Warehouse up in word one.....shysters.....I will however expand. I recently moved into a new property, within a week received a slyly worded letter from the above requesting £100 upfront for supplying gas & electric or my bank account details....

As I had never heard of them before, I replied with a rather curt email stating I didn’t know them from ‘Adam’ and for all I knew they could be Nigerian scam artists. Needless to say I contacted my past supplier EON and requested their services as energy supplier. Shortly after, I received a cleverly worded letter, which upon first glance you would think you were due to be disconnected. However, no....reading carefully, the way the letter is worded and specific phrases highlighted it’s done to dupe the unsuspecting into using them... Tut-tut!

The transfer date has since passed and I have received (hopefully) a final gas bill from these people. Was it that simple... no. The final reading they had ‘allegedly’ taken had been vastly inflated, when compared with the past 3 month’s usage. When contacting them, they stated it was a figure agreed with my new supplier... Funny that, as when I contacted EON, they were using the reading I had taken on the same day.

To sum up, avoid this so-called company and use a reputable one.


Excellent Service.

I have used Gaynors a number of times for outdoor gear. Perhaps a smaller variety of products listed when compared with larger companies, however they're very competitively priced and always worth a look. Delivery is also prompt, so would certainly use again and recommend to others.


My opinion on Ebuyer

I've used Ebuyer numerous times over the years, and never had a problem. But then again i've never had to return anything or had any issues. Initially I was a little wary as even 5-6 years ago it was a love them or loath them kind of attitude with the reviews. Perhaps they have a pile it high sell it cheap mentality, I don't know.

All I can go off is my experience, so yes I would use them again, however if they do mess me around, then it's cheerio. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

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21 November 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review.

I am pleased to hear you have never had a problem with Ebuyer and you have also never had to return an item.

I can assure you that customer support is our number one priority at Ebuyer and we will always try to ensure that our customer's experiences are pleasant as possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any future queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


The hard of thinking

I've sometimes wondered where all of life's simpletons congregate. Look no further, or shall I say, visit your local Halfords. Invariably you will find a spotty teenager with little or no motoring/cycling/outdoor leisure experience. Gave up on them a long time ago, try an independent company instead.

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Have always proven to be reliable

Amazon can virtually be classed as a one-stop-shop if you are that way inclined. As the season of crowded shops is rapidly approaching, take some time out to have a good browse on Amazon. I've always found it less hassle to 'window shop' on the high street for suitable presents before the silly season, then order online in mid november off Amazon..... sorted, and no stuck in a queue the size of the great wall of China......

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Cotswold Outdoor

Would recommend

When looking for new outdoor gear, Cotswold is one of the first sites I visit. A wide variety of products and sizes with basic stock levels shown, prompt delivery also.

Would certainly deal with again, and recommend to others.


Very good product.......however.

Have to agree with the 1st review on here. The products themselves are very good and competitively priced, however when I have ever ordered online it has turned into a shambles, especially returning items. I normally now bypass ordering online and purchase off a 3rd party.


Excellent service

I have used Outdoor Kit a number of times over the past 2-3 years, and always found the service to be excellent. Good range of products & sizes and next day delivery. Can't fault them!

Taunton Leisure

Would certainly recommend.

I've recently purchased a TNF Drew Peak hoody from Taunton Leisure. The products are well listed on their site and show real time stock levels for each item. Fast delivery also. Would certainly use again.


Simple and straightforward with the minimum of inconvenience.

I recently required a rear tyre for my vehicle due to a non repairable puncture which caused sidewall damage. Contacting agents local to my place of work proved unsuccessful and in one case extortionate.(HiQ)

I decided to check online factors and came across Blackcircles. What a simple process....select your tyre size then select a tyre fitter close to your home or workplace and a day/time (am/pm) for fitting. Pay online and Blackcircles arrange everything. You are kept informed on every stage via email. The morning I was due to have the tyre fitted I got there early, drove striaght in and was away in 10-15 minutes.....job done!

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