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Discounted Heating

Mixed opinions

After researching the part that I needed on the internet I decided to order from Discounted Heating. I had some issues with the website which took me to the wrong page of detailed information for the item that I needed but the price was right and the check-out process simple.
I was convinced that something on the site had told me that the item was in stock but that may have been another site that I was looking at. Anyway, it turned out not to be which only became apparent when I got an update to my order on the day I was expecting to receive it! I contacted the company and they offered an immediate refund - which was good - but I decided to stick with it.
I was given a new estimated delivery date at that time but I was then informed (in good time) that it was still not available from the distributors. The item finally turned up around two weeks later than expected. It was exactly what I needed, was well packed, and shipped overnight.
SO, a mixed review. On the plus side, the item was as described, well packed, at a competitive price and, following an initial hiccup, the communication regarding the state of my order was good; on the negative side, they did not have the item in stock, the initial communication could have been a bit more timely and the website has a wrong link.
Would I deal with them again? Probably - as long as the price is right I can put the negatives down to bad luck which could happen to anyone so I would give them a second chance.

Mikes Dive Store

A simple and easy transaction

This is just what an internet purchase should be. Easy to find what I wanted on-line, order and pay for it at a reasonable price and then it's delivered to your door within the expected timescales. It just worked!

Barrington Sports

Came good in the end

The history of this order is a long one and started over six months ago. At that time I placed an order for OBO chest protector and armguards, only to be told by the website (after completing the order and receiving confirmation) that the arm guards were not in stock. Further exchanges informed me that the armguards would not be available until at least June so I cancelled the order at that time.
Then, just on the off-chance, I looked again at the website two days before leaving for the European Grand Masters tournament in Belgium and there they were - only available in the size I wanted, in a colour that I would not have chosen and significantly more expensive than they were originally listed at, but actually available!
The order and delivery went through very smoothly and I had my gear in time for the tournament so, in the end, it was a very easy transaction. I realise that the original delivery issues were OBO's problem but they should not have been showing as available when they were not.

Glasses Direct

Very good service and product - but not as cheap as they make out

I have just received my first order from Glasses Direct and I am very pleased with the result. The lenses are high quality and light and clearly made to the right prescription - indeed, I am now seeing things in far more detail than I had previously done.

The only reason that they don't get five stars is that, by the time you've added all the optional extras that you want (gold grade reactolight lenses) they are not as cheap as you'd at first imagine. My two pairs, including a 40% discount and free second pair of frames still came to almost £240. This is certainly competitive with high street brands, but not by a huge amount.

Also, and this is probably just my inability to use the website, I found that I could only order the same frames as my second pair which makes identifying between my reading and long-distance glasses rather tricky.

Recommended, but go in with your eyes open (excuse the pun)!

Battery Force

Problem-free Internet transaction

Simple ordering, everything in stock, reasonable prices, and quick delivery. Everything that one expects from internet vendors. Recommended.

Whittard of Chelsea

Decaff poorly catered for

This was my first visit to Wittards and there was a large variety of coffees and teas to choose from. However, as a non tea drinker and someone for whom caffeine is a sure-fire way to a sleepless night, I was very disappointed to only be offered one type of decaffeinated coffee. There was also no information of the method used to remove the caffeine which influences my choices.

Still, I thought it worth trying in case it was the one for me and bought 250 gms, all nicely packaged by hand by a very pleasant assistant and then came my next shock - the price! Far more than I was expecting.

Eager to see if it was worth the cost, I loaded some beans in the machine and awaited the outcome. Pleasant enough but nothing special to make me want to spend an extra pound or two over supermarket own brands.

I'm sure that those able to drink caffeinated drinks could find something to suit them from the huge array available, but it's not worth the extra cost for the single choice of decaffeinated. It's out there, why not expand the range?


A smooth transaction and a good product

This was my second order from Moreinks and, as with the first, everything went smoothly with the order process and delivery. And the product itself works as advertised and is significantly cheaper than an original replacement so what more could you ask?

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