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Oh dear

It was all going so well. Bought the product, good price, arrived (free delivery) on the day it was supposed to, only wasn't quite complete. They'd neglected to put one of the items on the deal on the truck. Not on the dispatch note either so clearly had never been there.

Unfortunately as soon as customer service became involved the slow decent down-hill began. First I was told that as the other item was smaller, it was dispatched separately. Not a word of this on the website or the email confirmation I got though. Then the story changed, it had been a mistake, it was supposed to be on the original truck but was missed off, fair do's, mistakes happen. "Can you deliver next Saturday" I asked, or perhaps send to a Curries / PC World for me to collect? Nope.

Apparently Curries and PC World are separate companies, well, maybe they are, but it's the same group.

Apparently they also don't deliver on Saturdays. In fact, it went further, it's "physically impossible" to deliver on a Saturday. I made the point that if I wanted to, I could find a courier who would do it in about 30 seconds, and offered to. Nope, can't do that either. I also questioned the TV I had just received on a Saturday, delivered, by them, are you sure you don't deliver on Saturday? Given that you just delivered on a Saturday this is not completely believable.

The conversation went in several circles, but the lady wouldn't budge, she "couldn't" get a Saturday delivery for the next weekend. Finally she relented and agreed to deliver to my local PC world.

A formal complaint followed on the basis that I'd watched them deliver on a Saturday about 2 hours earlier and this lady was clearly just being obstructive. They can. They did. She refused. Not a positive experience at all.

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