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Top stuff! (once you get past the quirky settings)

The idea is great. Take a few hundred popular games, stick them on a site and let people subscribe to play them as much as they want.


Only problem is that on a PC there are 1000's of variations from machine to machine so some people are bound to run into problems.

However, once you've got yourself setup and the service is working 100%, it's smooth sailing. Just download the game and play!


Good but dated

Amazon. Been here for ages and still looks the same.

Maybe it's time for a change?

But then, why change something that works?

Oh and one tip... not everyone has a Kindle!!!

There are those who prefer to buy a book you hold in your hands!



I can spend hours on this site and just look at movie details, actors, their connection in different movies, projects and tv series.

It's fascinating.

Not sure I agree with some of the rating though!


Great while you're with them, rubbish when you want to leave!

They were ok when I was a customer but when I needed to swap to a service that offered a permanent IP, I was shocked to find how difficult it was to leave!

Clause after clause was repeated over the phone and then the "technical problems with my account" excuses started appearing.

They even managed to cut me off without supplying me with a MAC code (although they did send one, which was wrong) so I ended up with 3 weeks of no internet!

Not impressed!

Barrington Sports

Simply Amazing!

I've been a customer of Barrington Sports for many years now and they have never failed to impress me.

The site is clear and easy to navigate and tells you exactly what's in stock and what isn't. If a product isn't in stock it may be on pre-order which means you have to wait a few days extra but at those prices, who cares?

The customer services team is brilliant if there is ever any queries you have regarding your order or you need to change something before it's shipped.

I recently bought a pair of Mizuno trainers and only after I ordered them did I realise that my old pair of 9's weren't the same size as other 9's in the UK.

A quick query to Barrington's and it was fixed. No hassle at all!

It's hard to see what Barrington's could do to improve their already brilliant service!

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