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cheats! KEEP putting prices up without notice, then lying to keep customer! The worst ever!

when virgin media was NTL, it was fantastic! since virgin media too over, i'm surprised that they have managed to keep even this many customers. They lie and cheat like no other company I have come across with utilities, online shopping or anything else.
Every six months or so, they would put my broadband price up without notifying me. when a call is made to cancel the contract they either claim that payment for the full 12 months have to be made to terminate contract or offer a loyalty discount that they promise will be manitained for the year. this does not happen. either there is no loyalty applied, which is why they continue charging full price of £30 for only broadband or they do apply the discount for a few months and then raise the prices again. it's a vicious cycle. I have firmly decided to leave them and never return. good riddance to bad rubbish. i prefer companies that charge a higher rate but stick to the agreements, rather than coniving criminals such as virgin media. this dishonest method they have chosen to adopt has led me to inform all my relatves, colleagues and other clients i come in touch with about my experience of their true nature. Itruly can't believe they are still functioning and regulators are not investigating!? I will be writing a formal complaint to them tomorrow when I have more time.

Very Poor Standards

I am quite displeased with their services as the full order had not been received. Busy individuals don't have time to follow up all the time on orders. It kind of defeats the purpose of shopping online. What's more shocking is that despite being billed, I still have not received some of my order and it's been a month which is extremely poor for any type of service standards.

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