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Exchange rate

Ryanair charged me £45.50 for a flight which was 47 Euros when the exchange rate was 1.13. what robbery. then they have the cheek to charge a booking fee when it is I who is doing the bookng, and on top of that they charge for using a credit/debit card. I usually book three to four months in advance, and think it is a liberty to charge when they are holding the money for any length of time, and getting interest on it. The law should state that the money cannot be taken until at least 30 days before the flight, or a deposit paid just like they do on international ferries, like Portsmouth to Santander.
Too much of their charges are hidden and one ends up paying more than anticipated. I would sooner pay for my seat instead of fighting for one.

Carole Nash Insurance Ltd

Web site

It took ages to fill in the questionaire. Why do they want to know my marital status or whether I own a house, when I am asking about motorbike insurance. I expected them to ask for the colour of my underpants. Under the mandatory questions it asks for occupation, I [put in retired, and had to choose which job three times although I choose retired. you can guess that I didn't choose carole nash to insure my bike


We don't buy any bike

What a load of tossers,All you ever get from them is, they don't have your bike on their database. What sort of company is it that doesn't have every bike on their database



What an arrogant bunch of tossers that when you click on contact us via
e-mail just to get a question answered you get pushed around the houses and all one gets is a virtual assistant who supposedly knows all the answers. There isn't a direct link to their e-mail address. I will never sell via e-bay


What a load of rubbis

They are hopeless at resolving problems. they put every obstacle in your way. there isn't an e-mail address, only their web form, their telephone number is operated by voice recogintion sotware, which doesn't work properly, and when you finally think you get to speak to someone, an automated message says there is a 15 minute wait. I waited 25 minutes without an answer. it is too big for its boots.
I'm sure they do all this to frustrate you hoping you will eventuall give up


Not a nicechoice

I'm not sure about this company. They are supposedly selling your house and they have a list of buyers ready to buy. their valuation is Ok, but they don't ask enough details about your property Eg radiators in room windows etc;, yet all that information is on their site in relation to properties for sale, which leads me to believe that the properties are fictitious or have been downloaded from estate agents sites just to make it look good. Their main area of business seems to be to get you to purchase a H.I.P.S package at £460, they are obviously on commission to sell the package, approximately £75 which isn't a bad little earner at say 10 per week, with the cover / pretext / advertisement of your property that they are selling your house on their web site.



What arrogance to think that they have answered all possible questions, and not give the opportunity to E-mail someone with a question that hasn't been answered. All you get on the site is a sales pitch under all categories, or some premium rate number, the after sales serviice is rubbish.

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Hand baggage

Why haven't they got an e-mail address, they are so arrogant as to believe that all questions are answered under their FAQ's then they want to charge £1.50 for contacting them, as if they couldn't have someone just answering e-mails It is ridiculous when only carrying hand baggage that I can't carry my razor and blades, and instead have to pay to put my bag in the hold. Don't they use any common sense on these things. And why isn't there a pop up when the web site locates a probable mistake, Like same people booked to same destination on same day same flight without a return booked. or the return booked the following year, which is an unlikely scenario. They soon have a pop up to book a seat, insurance, baggage, meal. it is easy tp make a mistake with just one click, but they don't care. In the volcano crisis they gave a number to ring, but on ringing the message said it was busy and to press 5 for ring back then it said ring back was unavailable. What tossers



I bought some Jersey potatoes, they tasted horrible and I don't think they were really Jerseys.


Loas of rubbish

They took the money from my account 5 weeks before delivery, there wasn't a delivery note so impossible to check the quantities, it came in over 70 pieces, there were 10 pieces just to erect the sides and ends. The floor pieces were the wrong size, the roof pieces were the wrong size, the hinges supplied were inadequate whereby the screw holes didn't fit into the uprights they would only screw into the gap between the cladding and the upright. The center support was missing. The roof was in 4 pieces. non of the pieces were numbered, non of the pieces were pre drilled, only 2 screws per section were supplied to hold the thing together the instructions needed a rocket scientist and a magnifying glass. The whole thing was a disaster. Why are they still trading selling such crap. The good revues must have been written by shedstore employees

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