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I wanted to buy wheat grain and a mill with which to grind it and bake bread. This website looked very promising but, just to be on the safe side, I phoned them and got a friendly voice at the other end giving me all of the information I needed. I bought the victorio hand-mill with a bucket of wheat grain and 3KG of sprouting grain so that I could have a go at growing a patch of wheat myself.
The hand mill and sprouting wheat arrived first (the day after I placed my order) along with a FREE 3KG bag of wheat grain. The day after my 20KG bucket of wheat arrived.
Grinding the wheat is somewhat laborious and takes a while; you have to keep tapping around the top of the mill to knock the grains down to grind them BUT if you have a power-cut you can still use it and the biggest bonus of all is that 1KG of wheat grain produces 2KG of flour! Amazing! When you clean the mill afterwards be sure to dry it completely otherwise the metal parts will start rusting.
To begin with you have to mix it with ordinary white flour or sieve the stuff otherwise you'll be spending a lot of time in the smallest room in the house :) Once you get used to it though the flavour as compared to the usual rubbish you buy in the supermarket is absolutely superb. It was well worth the initial investment of buying the hand-mill since it is going to turn out to be fantastic value for the money (100 lbs of flour for £19.95). Beautiful!



My order never arrived and when I tried to get refunded they wouldn't even reply. £40 wasted!

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