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Poor quality materials.

Had I paid the advertised pre sale price of £300 I would have been livid.
As it is, I paid £200, and am still disappointed.
I can only assume that the advertised pressure treatment. Did not include anything to stop moisture, or anything to preserve the woodwork. Within the days between delivery and erection, of the shed. (7 days) The side panel had warped so badly it needed rebuilding, and strengthening.
The door doesn't fit properly, the panels are weak and flimsy. 2 panels fell out of the front, due to no being nailed in place.
The inadequate flooring material, flexes even after strengthening struts have been screwed in place.
To be fair, after spending an extra £50 on timber, and an entire weekend sorting it out. I've a shed I'm happy enough with. (bar the floor) Which, I'll sort out when I've another weekend free.

Overall, you get what you pay for, and for an extra £100 I could have bought a quality product from the local garden centre.

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