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Very helpful and knowledgeable, highly recommended.

Great help when I needed a specific item by the next day, and more than happy to give general help and advice. Great personal service, and v competitive prices. Will be my first choice for ski equipment in future.


Efficient, good price

Just what you would expect from easyjet - get what you pay for and nothing else (not that I actually want anything else!).


Excellent customer service

Good, easy to use website with good prices, but their customer service is where they really stand out. A real breath of fresh air compared to lots of internet companies whose staff are no help at all.

Everyone I have ever spoken to at GoDaddy has been very knowledgeable - you can tell they're not just reading from a script - and very happy to help. The first time I rang them it was because I couldn't find a way to opt out of a £17 charge that I did not think applied to me. I thought they would not be much help as I was essentially ringing to give them less money, but the attention I got felt just as good as if I had been calling to make a large purchase, and the girl eventually found a way around the charge for me.

I think it really helps that you always get a customer service questionnaire for each specific person that you talk to - they obviously really want to know what they are doing well, and who is doing their job well.

V highly recommended.

Truly Horrendous - AVOID!!

I have never received worse customer service from any other company. I signed up for a website payment solution having been recommended to PayPoint by a colleague, and after seeing the advertising on their website that I would be able to "start trading within 24 hours".

After submitting my application I heard nothing for 4 days, not even an automated acknowledgement of my application. I then rang PayPoint customer services to find out what was going on, and waited on hold for 25 minutes before I got to speak to a single person. After that I received an email requesting information from me for their 'compliance procedures', and informing me that once submitted my application would be completed within 5-7 days. The representative I spoke to admitted that the 24 hour claim on the website is essentially untrue, and is never achieved in practice.

I submitted the required information, despite my annoyance at the large amount of additional information requested (to my knowledge no mention of any of this was made at the application stage), and heard nothing for 14 days, again not even an acknowledgement that my email had been received. After 14 days I once again contacted PayPoint, and have received numerous apologies by email, but have not received any actual service from them (none of the details I need to set up my website and payment solution).

Even since I contacted them after 14 days they have continued to fail again and again to provide any level of customer support. I have been left with no information again and again, and had to take the initiative myself to ask what is going on. Promises have been broken again and again. I asked them to phone me and they could not even manage that - they sent another apologetic email instead. They really could not have done anything worse.

Just to be clear, they took my payment (£180) at the start of the process, and still have it. I have not been offered any refund, or any other tangible recompense.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. There are plenty of other payment solutions providers available, and none of them could possibly be worse.

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