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If I know it's them delivering I ask for it to go to work address

Been stung too many times - you stay in all day for that promised delivery and at that one time your back is turned from the door a card pops in and they're gone - did they ring or knock? Don't think so.

If it is clear that this bunch are the courier, I make sure to have it delivered to work. If the selling company will only deliver to home, then I call and inform them that their choice of courier is poor. Also, that unless they will allow delivery to my work address they will not get my business because their choice of courier does not inspire confidence.


Always worth a look

Ebay is always worth a look for those hard to find (and not so hard to find things). Always check it is not cheaper somewhere else first and if bidding stick to your limit (set one before you start).

Always worth asking sellers a question if you are interested in an item.

Don't forget import duties for anything that could come from outside the EU.


Great site, most things are here

In general an excellent experience buying from Amazon, when I have used them, I have found their customer service to be very helpful too.

My only gripe is that there are things available on that you can't get in the UK and that can be downright annoying when it happens.

Absolute Balls

Fast delivery, mixed balls

Ordered Bridgestone e6 balls pearl/A. Fast delivery mixed lot of balls 2 different years of e6's and the majority e6+'s.

Would help if this was made clear on the website.

Good balls as described in quality page.

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