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Protect your bubble

Successful first time claim

I made my first claim with PYB recently after I dropped my iPhone 4 and shattered the screen and it wouldn’t turn on. After contacting them straight away they agreed to send me an envelope to return my phone in. I paid the £50 excess and luckily was in the last month of my coverage so I didn’t have to pay any additional premiums. I didn’t have any problems with proof of ownership either as I had my receipt scanned and linked to my policy when I first bought it. The envelope arrived two days afterwards and I sent my phone off immediately to be assessed. I receive a response a few days later saying that the damage was irreparable so I had been issued a replacement, which I was really pleased with.

My overall experience has been very positive and I will most probably be renewing my policy. My only complaint is that the replacement took slightly longer to arrive compared to my previous provider T-Mobile, but since I was paying £12.99 the price more than makes up for it.

01 February 2012

Reply from Protect your bubble

Hi John, thanks for your valued review of Protect your bubble. If I or the Protect your bubble team can be of any further assistance, please drop us a line.



Pleasantly surprised :)

I needed custom-printed hoodies for a work awayday on very short notice and Streetshirts was one of the first searches I came across. I’m usually very paranoid about buying clothes online but it was partly desperation and the offer of bulk discounts and fast delivery which convinced me!

The design interface on the site was very basic and straightforward and it was easy to upload our team photo and logo on the front and attach names to the back. Overall, it worked out to about £34 and managed to get a lovely 15% discount for the bulk order. I received an email confirming my order and informing me of same day dispatch quite soon. My delivery arrived two days later with a discount voucher for future purchases and the lollies were a very personal touch.

I was very pleased with the quality of the printing and the colours were bright and very crisp. I ordered a variety of sizes for my team, but did choose M for those I was unsure about. Luckily they fit everyone fine with only one exception. Thank you for the brilliant service, I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for custom printing.


Simply excellent

IMDB is the first place I go for information on any media though its strengths definitely lie with television and movies. I've been a long time user of nearly 10 years now and have seen it grown from strength to strength. I mainly use it for checking out the top 250 list for movie suggestions and checking the forums to see whether anyone's formed the same opinion as me about a show. I do admit I sometimes use IMDB to quickly check ratings before making a decision on whether to watch something.

The site has a lot of useful technical information on the site such as gross earnings, goofs, quotes and director's information. However, the only thing which I think it's weak in is the information it has about the plotline. It's typically quite short, but it's mostly likely done to avoid spoilers. That's why I normally use a combination of wikipedia,, and IMDB to get an overview of the film/show. My only other criticism is that the recommend/similar movies function as it seems quite limited despite its vast database. I have noticed more user generated lists recently, which is definitely a plus.


Something for everyone

I ordered a batch of t-shirts back in 2008 and they arrived very quickly. I was very pleased with the quality of the prints and my only regret is that I did not buy a bigger size since I have now outgrown them all!

UK customers should also be careful as there will be VAT added to any delivery over the cost of £18. I had to pay VAT costs on top of the shipping costs though this was my fault for not being aware of this.

The website itself is very nicely presented and there is a wide variety of designs, but there are also a lot of recycled ideas and designs can look a bit 'samey' after a while. Although overall there is definitely something for everyone. I do agree with some of the comments and that the threadless community can be a bit cliquey and the voting system could do with some improvement.


First choice

Amazon is my first choice when it comes to buy things online. It's been amazingly useful since they've diversified from just selling books and DVDs - I always check to see the price of items on the website first before considering anywhere else.

As well as DVDs, I've bought a range of products from Amazon including exercise and camping gear. I've never had an issue with deliveries as they typically reach me within the estimated time if not earlier. The only problem I've had was when I ordered a DVD boxset, which never arrived, but they sent a replacement promptly.

The only criticism I have is that there does seem to be a greater range of products on the US site compared to Amazon UK. There have been a few things that were unable to get here and the prices do seem to be a bit cheaper.

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