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Excellent attention to detail and great customer service.

After a recent collision with a wooden sleeper on the M1 my ZZR1400 needed attention.

I didn't trust my local Kawasaki dealer as their attention to detail and customer service had become non existent and I knew they had been fitting cheap parts that didn't last and charging high prices.

I found IDPmoto through Google and YouTube and after a conversation with Daryll rode the 60 miles to Silverstone to have them sort my bike out.

It transpired that my suspension needed a little work but I had damaged my front wheel. Rather than push me towards a £600 new wheel Daryll found a much cheaper one was on ebay.

I knew I also needed new discs, pads and a service and Daryll worked long hours to get my bike ready, he also located a small oil leak and fixed that as well as cleaning out the radiator which had become seriously clagged up with road grime.

IDPmoto provided excellent service and I would not hesitate to recommend them again.

In fact despite the 120 mile round trip I intend to get them to service my bike regularly.


Cheap and swift delivery.

Cheaper than other stores for my oakley ear socks and swift delivery.

Postage and packaging was reasonably priced.


Very helpful and very fast delivery

I needed two gazebo side panels but didn't want to buy a whole new gazebo.

I phoned Theproduct.co.uk and it was easy the panels arrived the next day, saving me £25.

Wish everyone could provide service like this.

Mazuma Mobile

I am now searching the house for more old mobiles

I was sceptical but Mazuma mobile delivered everything exactly as they said they would.

I am now digging out all my old phones. If only they did laptops.


Probably the best Burrito in the UK but still not as good as Gordos Taqueria

My Californian wife introduced me to the Burrito almost 15 years ago, since then we have tried Burritos all over the world.

Until recently we never found a Burrito restaurant (outside the USA) that we would go back to and eat from a second, third or forth time.

I bought my wife a Burrito from Tortilla in Hammersmith and she really enjoyed it. I know it must have been good because she will actually ask me to get one on the way home.

The reason for only four stars is that five stars are strictly reserved for Gordos on Solano Ave in Albany near Berkeley. Apparently it is the way that they steam the tortilla that makes them so good.


Amazing customer service which consistently exceeds my expectations!

I have been a BullionVault customer for a short while now and I've experienced not a single issue in this time. Once or twice, I've come up against one or two money transfer issues which have been my own doing. But on each occasion, BullionVault have resolved the issues immediately (thank you Robbie Nigg!) and therefore allowed me to get on with my task at hand of stockpiling gold and silver. BullionVault have impressed me more and more as time has gone by and I sleep easy at night knowing my wealth is being accumulated via their multiple location precious metal vaults. I wish I could feel as confident with our country's banks. To sum up BullionVault.... a fantastic company, incredible customer service, state of the art trading platform, competitive prices and hassle-free. The banks could certainly learn a trick or two from these guys!

A delighted customer,

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Plectrum arrived amazingly quickly

I bought a specific plectrum for a friend of mine as a gift and it arrived very quickly.

Being that a plectrum is tiny and weighs nothing the postage and packaging could have been a first class stamp and an envelope instead it was 99p.

That said I knew what the shipping costs were before I bought it so fair enough.


ZZR1400 Abbastands easier than paddock stands

My ZZR1400 didn't come with a centre stand and what pain it was to clean the wheels and oil the chain.

I looked at getting a rear paddock stand but couldnt have used it alone without risking the bike falling over.

Then I discovered the Abbastand. Yes it is more expensive than a single paddock stand and about the same price as a pair.

BUT it is so easy to use on your own and when not in use so compact that it does not clutter your garage.

Awesome design, great delivery service check it out before buying a regular paddock stand.

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