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When things go wrong, this company is hopeless. My parcel has gone missing. I have been chasing the company about it for over a week now and despite very quick response times from the "online chat" people, no one actually does anything. They keep promising they will get back to me "within 24 hours" but no one ever comes back to me. Today I got the distinct impression that the call reps cut me off twice. This company seems to have no system for dealing with problems. You never feel you are speaking to anyone in authority and you don't feel that they care. They are probably fine when things go well, but when they don't, oh dear........... they couldn't give a damn.

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A great company

Efficient, competitive service. I buy everything here!

A non-trustworthy business

I gather DCC in Dublin who own Boilerjuice have bought up many of the oil distributing companies in our area so there is very little
competition yet they keep them with their old names so you only
find this out if you ask. I don't trust them at all.

25 August 2011

Reply from Boilerjuice

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your feedback.

BoilerJuice was founded back in 2004 and was acquired by the DCC Group in late 2009. Our aim is to make ordering heating oil simpler, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. We work with a broad range of suppliers and quote the cheapest price from our network of suppliers in relation to every order. We proactively recruit suppliers to the site and encourage them to offer the best prices so as to create strong competition within the market place.

When we provide users with a quote, we always provide the cheapest price from our network of national, regional and local suppliers irrespective of their ownership (around 20% of which are owned by DCC.)

I can assure you that BoilerJuice has always offered a completely impartial service to both our customers and suppliers, regardless of ownership. Participating suppliers enter their prices into the system directly and the most competitive price is presented to users. All suppliers have access to the same information and each and every supplier is treated equally throughout the process. We provide an unbiased information service for the benefit of consumers.

To further support this we recently had our system investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA understood BoilerJuice compared the prices of their participating suppliers and offered a service for consumers to purchase oil from these suppliers based on specific criteria. The ASA acknowledged the documents submitted showed that BoilerJuice offered the lowest price available and considered that, because this price was based on the postcode area, type and volume of oil and delivery method as requested by consumers. BoilerJuice had demonstrated that their service was impartial to consumers and their participating suppliers

I hope this goes some way to show that BoilerJuice continues to encourage competition in the marketplace.

Kind regards

Customer Services

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