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do not buy from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like everyone else i to ordered from this company which was back in June. After sending many emails requesting a refund, the only response i kept getting was the goods are now in stock they can be sent to you in the next 7-14 days repeatedly.. I thought there was no chance of me ever recieving a refund until a friend told me about a chargeback scheme.. You just need to ring your bank, they will put you through to the chargeback for debit and credit cards scheme. they send you out a form to fill in the information such as the company you bought froms name, value of goods etc, then you just return it to the provided address. Your bank will then do the work for your in getting your money back.. I sent my letter back two weeks ago and after looking in my bank statement today the amount has been debited back into my account with thanks to my bank. Hope this may help you all in getting back the money you are owed...

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