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Hopeless customer service

BT's customer service is and has been for some time - absolutely appalling. They keep ringing to say that their prices are better but that's no good if you never want to speak to them if you have a problem. They did, so they said, bring their helpcentre back to the UK but I heard not long after that that someone had experienced trouble with their call centre offshore - so I am not sure whether that is true.


Homebase are great

We love the range, the prices and the customer service of those there to help you on the floor. Our only criticisms are 1. That some of the heavier products are not available for home delivery and we don't have a car and 2) Some of the checkout staff are pretty awful. However we have spent so much in what are easy, pleasant, clean stores to shop in that we will probably be invited to the staff party. The stores are also easy to navigate. I can't remember going into our local Homebase (Catford) and not finding what we wanted.


Disappointed with them

I have always been a supporter of the BBC and been very vocal about supporting the license fee. Even though I still go straight to the BBC for my news I have been incredibly disappointed about how they have been managed. They have been really flaky on issues where those representing them, presenters etc, have made completely inappropriate comments. They play favourites - sacking some and ignoring others - and the only rhyme or reason appears to be how popular they are on television/radio. They need to get better or people like me who have always been fans are going to stop supporting them.


Love Rymans

Okay I am slightly influenced by the fact that stationery is one of my weaknesses. Their range, their prices, their customer service and the quality of their products are all fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone.


Consistent and (mostly) reliable

The only complaint we could make about BA is their cabin staff striking which has now affected us twice 9although the second time we got longer to stay in Italy so it isn't all bad). However we always choose to fly BA - even over Qantas (as we are Australian). We find BA has a better safety record, even though it feels pretty much like a no frills airline these days you know what you are getting, their prices are largely pretty reasonable and their customer service is better than other comparable airlines. They always cater for my Coeliac diet with no fuss. You just know what you get with BA.


Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

Who could seriously complain about Google - their service is great. I don't search for something on the web these days - I 'Google' it. Reliable, fast and impressive. From all accounts they are also excellent employers and proof that a company can make money and look after its staff - it makes good economic sense.

Good service all round

My husband and I have most of our family in Australia so we have used Moonpig many times. They are reliable, have a good range of cards and for those of us who are not very organised they are particularly good. My only slight niggle is that I genuinely think their prices might be slightly excessive, having said that it has never stopped us using them.


Virgin Mediocre

I think Virgin Media are dreadful and I would never recommend them to anyone. We had their media package in our last flat and had so many problems with them that I wrote them a complaint letter on 27 June 2007 and I have yet to hear back from them. What fabulous customer service that is. Everyone in our block of flats called them Virgin Mediocre for the same reasons.


Can always count on Amazon

Amazon are truly one of the most reliable, easy to deal with companies I have ever dealt with. If I need to buy anything online I almost always check Amazon first. Their prices are usually competitive, the goods arrived on time and if there are any problems (only once in hundreds and hundreds of orders) Amazon resolved the problem that day! Recently I have bought a Kindle and the service and ease of purchase has continued. I would recommend them to anyone.

The Furniture Market™

Beautiful, sturdy cabinet - love it!

We needed a cabinet that would fit in an awkward space alongside what used to be a fireplace, but it needed to provide significant storage. We found the Furniture Market online and loved quite a few of their cabinets, but went for the French Oak. It arrived in a timely fashion. The delivery men were very efficient and helpful. We think it is beautiful and friends comment on it all of the time. It also takes a surprising amount of our things - giving us both display and storage space.

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