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Stay away!!!

From Homeserve, Repaircare and Bespoke Appliances [the technician]
£45 for 5 minute visit. I believe this is the first line on their business plan. The second would be explaining how: we get the insurance, charge £154, book a 10 minutes visit and then cancel the policy with an excuse (mine was they couldn't find parking therefore couldn't access the machine!) with a £45 margin. Not bad.

I own two companies myself, and if homeserve or repaircare was one of them, I would find a buyer... quickly, before it gets busted.

Here is my review:
1) 7 WEEKS of wasted time
2) 4 hours of lost wages due to a same day appointment cancelled
3) FAKE AND FALSE statements on the Repaircare job by the technician subcontracted
4) Complete unprofessionalism (WRONG ASSESSMENT without even opening the washing machine)
5) NO COMMUNICATION at all (I spent hours on the phone, me calling them!)
6) BLAMING each other (homecare to repaircare and viceversa)
7) Was transferred to one department to another on a LOOP (Homeserve customer service have no clues how to escalate a complain. 7) Repaircare simply say they cannot do anything; can't be bother I would say)
8) You (the paying party) are KEPT OUT (they did refuse to send me an email explaining, like they did very well over the phone, why they couldn't help, so that I could keep records)

The happy ending: took another insurance with Domestic and General, 1 week later an Official Hoover engineer came out and fixed on its first visit, changing even parts that wasn't really faulty as a standard maintenance check.

(almost happy...) still battling for the full refund. Not giving up. Just a principle that is you provide me with a service, I pay for it, but if you don't and waste my time, you won't have a dime from me. Period.

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