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My eBid Bill keeps getting bigger!

Now that doesn't sound positive, does it? Well, it is. If my bill is larger than last year, I'm selling more than I did last year!

eBid is a fast growing online auction/selling site. The site managers don't sell - independent sellers do, so reviews blaming the site for bad behaviour of sellers are inaccurate. Once management know a seller is bad, that seller will be removed.

I sell random collectables and craft patterns. I could not possibly afford to list large numbers of low value items anywhere else. And they sell, steadily.

eBid offers a stable platform (they've never changed the rules so my stuff suddenly stops selling which has happened twice with the market leader), real people writing the support replies, low prices (which have not changed in years - management appear to be happy to accept that a growing site with growing sales will give them growing revenue), Google shopping uploads for items with a buy it now price and more variations to the style of listing than you can possibly want.

It's not perfect - we could use more sales but then who couldn't?

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