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Brilliant value website

I have been on since February 2008, when I joined I jumped at the chance of paying a 1 off lifetime fee of £74.99 (rather than the PAYG system which starts at just 5p a listing), which in turn gave me free listings for the rest of my life of eBid's life
After starting up, I have made well over 5000 sales, mostly low cost items that were not feasible to sell on eBay due to the listing fees and final value fees.
The support team at eBid head quarters is fantastic, and this is 'backed up' by a wonderful community on the eBid forums.
Fairness to all and a level playing field is one of the most popular things with eBid in my opinion, this in line with zero to 3% fvf's is just what I needed in a site to sell.
Also, where else can you sell and item for hundreds or thousands and only pay a fee of £1/$1 etc by using the featured auction feature on eBid, and the featured is open to both big sellers and little sellers.
Yes eBid doesn't have the mass market of the big guy, but nor does it have the fees associated with the big guy.
When using eBid, you need (or it helps) to use a different concept of selling compared to ebay as comparing the sites is like comparing an aubergine to a pineapple

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