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Abysmal company, not worth the risk

Finding myself short of money recently, I decided to sell a pair of old HTC Desire HDs that I had lying about. As they were both in full working condition, complete, and devoid of any scratches, I was confident that I'd receive the full amount offered - £58.20 each. I wrapped them both thoroughly in bubble wrap and stuck them in the envelope provided, before sending them via recorded delivery.

A couple of days later, I was very surprised to receive a message saying that they'd tested the phones and discovered that the back cover of one of them was missing, and that I'd have to accept a £10 deduction for this. I chose not to accept nor decline the offer at this point, as I'd already paid £6 for delivery and would have been charged a further £5-10 for the phones to be returned to me, one of which would now be missing its back cover. Instead, I sent an email querying the missing cover, explaining that they must have mislaid it whilst unpacking or testing the phone.

After several days with no response, I sent the same email again, to which they replied claiming to have "placed an investigation" into what I'd said, and that they were "getting together" the results of this. Two days later they debited £106.40 to my bank account - £10 less than the amount I was supposed to receive. I've sent another email asking about this but it's been a week and I've still received nothing.


Thanks for the response. There is absolutely no way that I mislaid the cover prior to sending. Before packaging the phones, I removed the back covers of both in order to remove the SIM and memory cards and replaced the covers immediately afterwards. I definitely would have noticed if either cover had been missing it when I was wrapping the phones in bubble wrap.

What I suspect must have occurred is that the cover came loose as you removed the phone from its bubble wrap, and that the cover was then discarded along with the bubble wrap. My method of wrapping - which I suspect is quite common - was to encase each phone in several layers of bubble wrap by passing a strip of it laterally around the phone, taping it up tight, and finally taping the top and bottom ends to form a parcel. Given that the back cover of the HTC Desire HD is removed by sliding it downwards, it would be quite easy for it to be pulled off the phone if the top of the bubble wrap parcel was cut open and the phone pulled out - rather than removing all of the tape and unravelling the packaging.

I appreciate that data protection and privacy is an issue when checking CCTV footage, but would it be possible for you to confirm that the cover was not discarded along with the bubble wrap as in the above scenario?

Furthermore, your response does not address why the payment went ahead without my permission. Your email states: "If no response is received within 7 days, Bozowi will automatically process payment for the specified downgraded amount." Given that I responded via email twice within the 7 day period to raise my objection to the downgraded offer, the payment should not have been automatically processed.

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21 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Steffan, thanks for your comments. I'm chasing this issue up with our operations manager now, and will update this comment to reflect what I find out.


Hello again Steffan and thanks for your patience. All of the devices delivered to us are opened within view of CCTV cameras, which capture footage around the clock. When we get a new device or devices, the items are immediately labelled to ensure the right handsets are linked to the right customer account, so I'd like to reassure you we're very careful when opening our customer's packages. The slight delay in me getting back to you was due to our MD being away from the business and being unable to sign off on access to the footage. As I'm sure you'll understand we take data protection and the privacy of staff working within our business very seriously, so I had to wait for his authorisation to access footage from the appropriate date and time.

I can confirm that we didn't find the back of the device in question when unpacking the phones listed above. Is it possible it was mislaid prior to being sent?

Thanks again for using

Mazuma Mobile

Splendid Service

Despite the fact that I sent my phone off a bit late, and that it had some minor scratches on the screen, Mazuma still paid me very promptly in full. You'd be hard pressed to find similar service elsewhere.

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