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Im gutted

I paid 509 pounds on 10'4 x 10'1 (3.15x3.07m) Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop. I went on holiday and after getting back, I decided to assemble the rubbish. I didnt have a good feeling about the quality, but just thought I would lay the floor out to just check if it could support a motorbike. WRONG! I felt the floor flex under my own weight. It is so flimsy. So I am after returning it. The advert says its a solid floor, which it isnt, and nothing in the advert says its made of chipboard! I see on the government website that if the goods are not fit for purpose and not as described then they should offer a refund. Does anyone have any other suggestions before I claim? Oh and the walls are bowing, and Im worried that the roof is going to be sagging in a year or two.

19 March 2012

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This customer purchased a basic wooden overlap shed to house a motorbike. We sell specific metal motorcycle garages for this purpose. The floor of the wooden shed is advertised as “Solid Sheet” which it is. It is solid sheet of an OSB material rather than individual floor boards. The purchased building is perfectly suitable for the purpose it was designed for and as described on our website. We are sorry that this customer was not happy but a specific motorcycle garage may have been a better purchase for his use. The walls should not bow if treated properly but the heat generated by the motorcycle may cause adverse effects.

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