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The Outdoor Shop Ltd

Great Customer Services!

It was between this company and another, where I was looking into purchasing a sleeping bag. I contacted theoutdoorshop.com on Saturday, not expecting a response till Monday and they got back to me on Sunday, the next day ON A WEEKEND. From this point on I knew the company was great.
I ordered the sleeping bag and it came soon after within the week with free delivery.
Great company, fantastic customer services, would recommend them and purchase again.


Fast, cheap and good customer services.

I do not normally do reviews on companies, but this one deserves it. They are a new company and few people know about them.

AQA Labs offered a great deal on a new computer case. The next cheapest price was £98 + P&P and AQA Labs offered it to me for £68.21 + P&P which came to around £25 less than the competitors. Obviously as it was so cheap, I was weary of whether the company would take my money and run or not.

I received my case a few days late (due to Parcelforce not being able to read - they sent it off to the wrong depot :/) but I received a tracking number and it was sent by Parcelforce Express 24. All for £5.99, which was very reasonable considering the weight of the item.

All in all, I will definitely buy from these people again as they offered amazing service at a must reduced cost.


I was weary, but what an amazing outcome!

So I bought two £200 graphics cards, one of which was by mistake and I emailed WAE and they refunded my money on Monday morning.
Three days after the payment was made (Tuesday) I went online and looked at some reviews. I was shocked to see such a well-built looking website getting such bad reviews. Thinking of the worst, I called up WAE+ and they said that I would receive it in 2 days (ordered 1-3 day delivery [+£4.99]).
After 2 days, I received it all safe and sound, well packaged with a tracking number which worked.
I don't understand how people can have such bad experiences with this company; I found it great!!

EDIT: I now look like such a Muppet considering what I said in my initial review. I needed to RMA my product and they'd shut down and not sent me an order confirmation when I bought the item. I eventually got my RMA, but not after months of negotiating with SapphireTech.
I also remember that getting a refund from them is impossible and they take at least 30 days to do anything. All I can say is - thank god they're gone.



Great customer services. Sorted out parcelforce's incompetance to deliver a parcel without losing it. quick + good service.


Fantastic customer service at great unbeatable prices, but 1 week 'first class' delivery.

I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC) in February last year and I had trouble with the credit card. They upped the price of the item, and I was annoyed, but still in hope.
I explained my issue to CS and they put the price back temporarily, for me. I was amazed.
Also, the game came 3 days before release, which was a big bonus. :)
Despite this brilliant service for 2 years, they have now moved their warehouse to Denmark and delivery takes more than 6 days. Once Assassin's Creed 3 was dispatched for me (22.11.12), I still haven't received it. Their reputation has gone flying out the window.
It's terrible to see such a good company screw themsleves by moving their UK warehouse to Denmark to send stuff to the UK?!?!?


Fast delivery. Came promptly

Bought a reduced LED TV for -£250 than the retail price, paying only £399.00, but had 20% off as well and got it for £380.97




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