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love em

been buying of these chaps/chapesses for a while now - the website is good, orders out quick and returns handled quickly (clothes aren't ever the same fit!). Not a bad word to say about them!

Quick delivery, good price

I've always used them for the Premier League injuries so ordered from them when I got "squash elbow" arrived next day. No complaints from me.

Fast despatch - but didn't refund in full

I bought some trainers (excellent price) at about 1730 and they arrived next day! They weren't the right size so I bought the next size - they were despatched rapidly too.

The only problem I have with them is that they "forgot" to refund the delivery charge... an email to them and they processed it.

Trophy Store

Offering items that aren't in stock, but product OK

I ordered a trophy which I heard via email (a few days after ordering) wasn't available (despite still being shown as for sale online). Due to the timescales I went with another trophy which wasn't ideal but the best fit. A few days later it arrived.

I would mark 3.5 out of 5 if I could

Mazuma Mobile

Fast and furious

I've sent four old phones now, ranging from £2 (old school Nokia) and £81 (Galaxy S2), pack sent out quickly, email confirmation as soon as the phone gets there - money in the bank within two days, can't say fairer than that! I could have got more (10-20%) selling privately... but simply couldn't be bothered!!

I've run out of phones, but would use them again definitely.


Let down again

I have bought a few times from and love the products HOWEVER their service isn't good. Despatch times are slow.. that's IF they have stock they say they do. I ordered a bag (1 in stock) and trainers (no stock indicator) and I receive a garbled email the next day saying my order had been cancelled - the trainers are still showing in stock on the website! I took a risk on the bag, 1 in stock fair enough it might have already sold... but why sell things more than 24 hours after they have sold out?!?

Its just poor - stick to shops I say.

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Previously happy - but I've never had a problem before....

I ordered some jeans which were different to the order confirmation - I contacted them within three minutes requesting to cancel the order. Four days later they confirmed despatch... of the order I had cancelled. So rather than cancelling my order and refunding me they've shipped them. The 'contact us' system works well as they come back to you quickly - only problem is its been almost a month since they took my money and I'm still "up to 10 days" away from my refund.

So they're great if you order and everything goes fine... just don't expect proper support should something go wrong.

I won't be ordering again on this basis.

Edit - 12th April STILL NO REFUND

I took the plunge, it worked

I needed to setup a call centre quickly and cheaply. 15 PC with monitors delivered quickly and we set them up without an issue.

Can't fault them

bought a few times over many years and delivery is timely and trackable, products are well price, packed and good quality. I only wish I could buy more from them!


Ordered, delivered, done!

I ordered the 18.5" Monitor/PC bundle which is ACE - i'm just telling everyone it's a 19" :)

The website's simple enough (even for me) and my next day delivery came first thing with biz post courier.

Nice one.

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