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Cannot Stand it!

Seriously, please get a life!


Great but not many offers!!

Excellent website, current offers such as double VIP points, free delivery and cashback have encouraged me to spend almost £300 in the last week, although would not buy otherwise as to expensive.

I recently placed a large order and was not happy because i received an email telling me to ring them for a security check, they could not process my order until i rang them so my order sat on 'contact customer service' all day!, why didnt they just ring me in the first place?

I would like to see more offers on the website as we all know LEGO is expensive, the only items ever on sale are those they cannot sell or nobody wants.



As long as you check the stock first before going down to collect its all good!


Not as good as it used to be!

I have been using for over 8 years and i have watched as this company has slowly increased its prices and squeezed the average seller for almost every last penny.

If your selling smaller, cheaper items then it isn't too bad, but larger items incur Final fees of 10% or more, on top of the listing fees!

Oh and lets not forget the additional paypal fees to which they now make you use on most of your auctions, so there getting twice the profits out of you, but that's ok because paypal is safe and secure isnt it?

It has become a victim of its own success, over charging its users on a daily basis!

Its great to buy yes, but selling has become almost pointless as there fees are astronomical compared with what they used to be, making most items not worth selling.

I also find there customer support fairly useless, once you have a paypal case closed and your problem is still not solved, they are unwilling to help and simply ignore you.

As a result i sell as little as possible on ebay now, they have become a corporate money machine and not so much a family, friendly site.


Terrible, after 3 years of customer loyalty!

Will never go back to these clowns as long as i am alive!

Worst customer support, or lack of it.. ever known to man.

No such thing as customer loyalty anymore, were all just pound signs with legs.



I was recommended to three by a few friends who recently took out their iphone 4 contracts.

I shopped around and could not find anything that matched their offers, i took the leap and left orange (Useless Company) and purchased my contract with three.

I had to wait 3 weeks for my White Iphone 4 32gb, but once i received it, three gave me a month free Credit on my account as an Apology.

What can i say, i am not only impressed by the Exceptional contract details of the One plan, such as all you can eat data, which is quite simply a must with todays smart phones, but also with the thousands of free minutes, texts and other benefits i receive for just £35 a month!!

So far coverage has been excellent, i have the odd day where the signal drops but overall very good.

Their customer service is incredible, easy to get hold of, free to call and very helpful.

I was on holiday recently on the isle of wight and my phone could not get a signal for the entire week i was there, i made a complaint to three and they responded within 24 hours, i was given £6 credit on my account for my time and they are also now investigating the signal in the area.

Overall very impressed, love the iphone Three app where you can access all your accounts, usage details and they even have a game on there too. So far they have been great to me and i am very impressed by their helpfulness and offers.

I wont touch the other companies ever again!


Cheaper Services are better!

I have been using Parcel 2 Go for many years and i have watched their website and services change daily.

I have sent hundreds of parcels with them over varying couriers and services.

The one thing i have realised over this period of time, is that the cheaper couriers such as Hermes are far more reliable than the larger companies such as DHL that charge even more.

I have had many missed collections with DHL, but i have never had a single missed collection or problem with the Hermes couriers. i have also found that if you try and arrange a parcel too late, e.g the day before you want it collecting...

Then 9 times out of 10 they wont turn up, but with Hermes they always do, they offer a much cheaper service (admittedly it can take a few days sometimes) but overall Hermes are the superior service in my opinion.

Very good and easy to use website


Not bad, Expensive!

The only time i purchase from Game is when they have offers or promotions on (Not very Often), if they had more promo codes and online discounts many more people would shop there, but they are to arrogant to match prices with other online retailers.

I find they are generally too expensive compared with other online retailers, more often than not they charge more for pre-owned games than for a new copy of the same game?

Like any big company, its all about how much they can milk out of the consumer and unfortunately many consumers don't use their brains and simple buy from Game because of the Brand Name, rather than shopping around.

I find the company far to corporate and greedy!

The only saving grace was that i always got my games on time or usually the day before, unfortunately this was not the case recently when my game didn't come at all and i found Game customer service most unhelpful.

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