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The best alternative

Ebid is the best alternative to ebay, I have never had any problems with ebid and they have managed to put the fun back into selling and buying!

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Growing Auction Site

Tazbar is growing everyday, its a lovely site to buy/sell from and the forums are always welcoming.

The site does need more members and tazbar could do with advertising the site more.

Never had any problems there.

Free Postage!!

Unlike Amazon, play offer free postage. Items are cheaper than your local high street and orders are usually delivered quickly.

You can even set up a play trade account, this is where you can sell your dvds, cds, games, books etc that you no longer want. You can put the funds from sold items into your bank or use it to purchase more items.

Love it!



With product information already on their database, listing is very quick and easy.

Forum members are always at hand to give a laugh or tips/advice. If you email customer support you get a personal email back again.

Fees can be high but you do not have to go looking for customers!


Five Stars

I got a huge shock with this auction site. I thought there might be hidden fees somewhere but there isnt!

Forum is very friendly and helpful, lay out of the site is brillant and so easy to use.

Needs more members

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More customers needed

CQout is very simple to use and takes very little time to set up an auction. The only down sides to them is they dont have a forum nor is there many customers around.

However it seems to be growing and I am enjoying being there.

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A Sinking Ship!

I left ebay after christmas, I received 2 negs after 2 seperate customers bought items on the 23rd december and demanded that I pay extra to get the item to them by christmas. Unless I hand delivered the goods, this was impossible.

Ebay dont care aslong as they get their money, smaller sellers are being pushed out and bigger sellers are being treated like royality.

Since their great changes (I say that loosely), the place has become a scammers paradise.

Would rather just go throw my stuff in the skip

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