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they grab your cash then ignore you completely.

As an NHS nurse I am required to wear an all black shoe for work. I bought a pair of what seemed like quality footwear from Sports Direct about 4 months ago. Within two months they were worn down at the inside heel area and had completely split accross the sole - which was quite obvious since I have to shower a lot of patients! On my birthday Dec 10th I was bought a new pair, a different brand, more expensive ...again from Sports Direct. Today I walked to the pharmacy in the sludge and noticed I had wet feet when I got there. I took the shoes off, and guess what? SPLIT right across the sole yet again. These have lasted LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!!! These were a gift and therefore I have no receipt for them and no-one at the store is in the slightest bit interested. I will NEVER buy from this dump again. CRAP product from a CRAP company. As an NHS nurse my footwear is essential for comfort and professional appearance. Unfortunately, Sports Direct do not know the meaning of the word professional.

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Simon Chambers
Male, 1959
Wetherby, United Kingdom