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Great Prices, Great Service... Just Great!

A company which have it all right. Massive range of products, very low prices, free delivery, trustworthy and so much more.

Axminster Tools & Machinery

Good Range Of Tools

Axminster have a good range of tools with a really good website from which to buy them, their prices are good on some tools and not so good on others (I guess the same with most companies).



Out of all of the couriers I have used I have had the most problems with these however this is probably relative to the fact I have used these the most. I think generally these are quite good but unfortunately they are let down by the odd cowboy driver.


No Complaints, Good All Round

Have always been happy with the tools, accessories, prices and service I have got from screwfix.


Quick Delivery, Love The Tools

Quick delivery -- Tools arrived on my doorstep the next day (although to be fair this prob. due to them being a local company). Have already started putting them to good use. Looking forward to adding more to my ever growing collection.


Very Impressed With Their Service

I have sent many parcels and received many parcels from UPS and am very impressed with their service.

I use a range of couriers depending on the situation, I have also received parcels from many different couriers and I have to say these seem the most professional of all that I have used.

I have always sent parcels through an intermediate website so I have never dealt with their customer service or that side of things.


Very Good Service

I am quite surprised to see bad reviews of this company, I have used these a lot and have only good things to say about these.

I have looked at other companies which offer this intermediate service between customer and a range of couriers and their prices seem to be cheap. I find it a great way to find the best delivery service to use, particularly if I have to send overseas.

The website is easy and straight forward to use.

Customer service is quite good, not amazing but they get there.


just hope your franchise doesn't close

Service was good and the local courier was very good.

The local customer service staff were very poor.

Making a claim for a lost or damaged parcel is a nightmare, after six months I still hadn't received a refund and I think I had to threaten them with further action before they finally refunded the money. From what I have read this certainly wasn't uncommon.

You loose all of your books of stamps if the franchise closes as I found out to the cost of about £500.

Doesn't seem to be any main office contact details for Fastway Couriers UK anywhere, not even an email address.

It looks like from their website that there are only two franchises left!?
There were about 30 a year ago. If that is right, it says it all.


Lost the love

I have bought and sold a lot over the past seven years...

As you use Ebay more you learn to avoid certain listings/sellers (once you have been stung you learn but you can never avoid).

I have always tried to resolve any issues with the seller/buyer. One such item which I purchased three months ago I really felt I had been well and truly deceived so I let the seller know, communication was very slow, it took two months to receive two replies, we finally agreed that I could return the item and the seller would refund my I returned the item. I then asked the seller for my money..I didn't receive a refund or a reply. So the seller now had my item and my money. What to do? So I tried opening my first ever case on Ebay only to be informed that I couldn't because it had been more than 45 days. I emailed Ebay they said basically you are too late!! Basically I had followed Ebay's advice with trying to resolve the issue myself but because the communications took so long and because Ebay hadn't clearly stated about the 45 day rule my only options were to persist hassling the seller or to contact the police. Great, thanks Ebay!

Also at this same time I had managed to pick up another seriously faulty item which was neither described nor photographed, this seller didn't reply once to any of my emails so I made sure to open a case in time. This case is still ongoing.

This is just two problems I have experienced in the last three months. I won't but I could write a lot more :)

You can buy bargains, you can buy items and pay too much, you can sell your items and make money...
you can also deal with IMO the far too many untrustworthy ebayers!

I have wasted too much of my time with the 'far too many', I am sticking to local auctions with my buying now.

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