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After finding a swimming wetsuit on the fatbirds website that according to the website was in stock for £169, I then rang up the shop to check that it was available. The man in the shop went away and checked to confirm it was in stock and put it aside for me.

I needed a wetsuit that day, as I had left mine in London. So I drove 30 miles to their shop to try it on and buy there and then.

When I got there I found that the wetsuit available was the display one. It had clearly been used as the display one for many years was almost completely worn through on one shoulder where it had been on a hanger, had been exposed to the sun, had a tear at the back and was in terrible condition. It fitted very well but there was no telling whether it would last for even one swim.

I explained my disappointment to the man who said he could order one in. He then suggested that perhaps I could get a "hefty discount" on the display wetsuit. So he spoke to the manager, who was within earshot. Without turning round from rearranging the shoe display, he said that I would be able to have it at cost price. The salesman then looked on the computer and found cost price to be £120. I could not justify paying that amount of money for a sub standard product.

So I left with nothing.

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Sam Allen
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