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Poor service, sent replacements intead of refund

I ordered a pair of the FORLIFE boots and upon arrival the eyelets on the left boot were a full cm out of alignment. I should have been gazing down happily at my brand new boots. Instead I was staring down at one boot which looked back at me with the face of Sloth from The Goonies.
I promptly followed the return policy of Dr Martens which actually states

"We are unable to make exchanges. Please return the order for a refund and if you require an alternative size or style please place a new order."

A full week went by and I received no notification that my returned boots had been received or that I would be refunded. I hadn't heard from them at all. Then all of a sudden this morning a parcel arrives which I was not expecting at all and it turns out to be a replacement pair of boots. I never wanted a replacement pair. I wanted a refund!!!! Besides, the information on the site clearly states that they don't do exchanges.
So anyway, as they are here now and the new pair seem to be in a satisfactory condition I've decided to keep them.
I then go onto the site to register my lifetime guarantee and lo and behold I cannot. My unique code has already been redeemed apparently. So now I've had to contact them for a replacement code. So I'll have to wait and see what happens with that.
So all in all, I would certainly not recommend Dr Martens!!!

Delivery always lets them down

Price wise, play are allways very competitive. Product range is outstanding, but use the free delivery option and you're always looking at around 8-9 days before your item shows up. In this age of internet shopping i find that a big letdown.


After a disastrous order fiasco from, I decided to try myprotein. Price wise, myprotein initially looks more expensive but if you're bulk buying, they work out at about the same price as DS and not much more expensive if you're not.
Product quality is where myprotein really kicks ass. The impact whey tastes great, mixes well and is superior quality stuff. Much better results than with optimum health whey from DS.
My only gripe is the delivery options, i hate DPD with a passion as they've lied about deliveries and have really messed me around in the past. I'd prefer to be able to pick from a few different delivery firms. But on this occasion DPD were spot on too.
All in all, great value and all expectations met and exceeded. Well done myprotein! :)


Lied about delivery

8 days and 2 so called "attempts" later and ive still not received my next day delivery item.



Attrocious, but i think they're trying to improve

They charged me a higher rate of postage than stated on their website. I emailed them and to be fair, they did refund the difference straight away and apologise.

However, my order was then stuck on the processing stage for 3 days. I contacted them and the order miraculously changed to preparing for shipping and finally despatched.
This was supposed to be next day delivery though! I did get another very polite e-mailed reply apologising and stating that they had been very busy as it was just following a bank holiday.

A friend then ordered from them (on my recommendation based on price and thinking my bad experience was a one off) and his items never arrived for 3 weeks. I asked him if he'd e-mailed them, which he hadn't, once he had, however, he was told that they had been despatched and again apologies were made.
The delivery driver hadn't actually posted a note when my friend was out and so he had simply kept the parcel at his house!!!! Apparently the delivery date had still been over a week after my friend had ordered. I don't know when or if he was ever gonna try again, but my friend did arrange a new delivery and eventually received his items.

I do genuinely think that the online shop is trying to get it right, but poor comunications between departments seem to be letting them down. Either way, only 2 orders placed and both times they've needed further enquiries to actually secure delivery of the item.
I wont be shopping with them again and nor will my friend.



What more can you want?
They say order before 12pm and they'll despatch the same day.
So i did and so they did. Ordered 11:30am on a Tuesday morning, received 12:45pm on Wednesday.
I haven't even mentioned that compared to all their competitors, was also the cheapest i had found.
Very Happy customer, who will definately be a returning one.


1st rate service

Although not the cheapest, Game always delivers on customer service. Every pre-order i've made has always come a day PRIOR to the games release date.
Excellent loyalty incentive scheme with reward points which very quickly adds up to significant money off savings.

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Discount Supplements


I placed an order on Wednesday evening opting for next day delivery which i fully envisaged to be on Friday.
On the Thursday i checked my order on discount-supplements only to be met with a note asking me to call the customer service team. (why can't they call me?)
So i tried to use their online live agent service only to be given a message stating that no agent was available.
So Thursday around 1pm i called DS and they said that part of my order was not in stock but would be back in stock on Friday (why state in-stock online then?). I told them i want the goods FOR friday and proceeded to then change my order to an instock item of lesser value and was reassured i could expect a Friday delivery and they would refund me the difference of the order value. Late thursday afternoon and my order has still not been updated. So i send an e-mail asking them to cancel my order completely and refund all my money. (im now in a really big huff)
So Friday comes, no reply to my email and so i check my order and it has changed to order processing. So i figure its now too late and they've been unable to cancel. Even so, next day delivery is quite a specific service to pay for. They dont deliver weekends either, so now this is a Monday delivery of an alternative product that i only changed because i wanted to ensure a friday delivery for.
Now Monday and I had put my works address down as my delivery and ive just tracked my parcel only to read that they expect to deliver it between 6:45pm and 7:45 pm which i'll be back at home having finished my day at work.
All in all a total shambles.

12 September 2011

Reply from

Hello Gary
I am very sorry that you have faced difficulties while using us. I can see that we have been in contact with you to try to rectify the situation. Thank you for your feedback. We hope this situation has not stopped you from using Discount Supplements. If you face any further issues please do not hesitate to contact is on

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