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Impressive prices and service

I did days and days of research into the best value bike for money and could not beat Pauls Cycles. The price was hundreds lower than elsewhere and delivery was hassle free. Will certainly use again.


A Review to warn others....

This "company" first contacted me claiming to be "Calling from Facebook" - not sure if that is even legal! We were guaranteed a return on investment, 1,000 instant Facebook page "likes" and an advertising campaign where we could set our own demographics (age, gender, etc). We returned nothing - ZERO, never received the full 1,000 likes (received around 500 overall - mainly from people outside Europe or who do not really exist - with fake profiles). We were also not allowed to set demographics (being advised that they'd know better - so we trusted to leave them to it). The advert that they put on Facebook was the size of a thumbnail and almost laughable. When sold the "service" we were informed that the price included VAT (assuming that means it's effectively 20% cheaper since we can reclaim the VAT) - but it turns out they are not even VAT registered! Emails and calls are never returned. We should have received a follow up on the campaign 15 days into it - which never happened. The only interest we received from New Mount Media was them up-selling - by trying to sell their website design services (a ploy to let you believe that's why the marketing campaign isn't working). They managed to take an extra £50 from us by doubling our advert from 50,000 to 100,000 - but never received an invoice - which we've asked for several times. We were also supposed to receive performance reports for our campaign on day 27 - these were not received so we have no evidence that they even did the campaign which we paid for! When expressing our concern about the marketing campaign they patronisingly point-blank denied all the promised services but said they'd look into it and improve the last few days left of the campaign.... But they did nothing. We even cancelled our company debit card to avoid any further charges. Save your money or go to an established, honest company. I will update this review it the situation improves or worsens.

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False Advertising - Your delivery WILL take 2-3 days.

Funky Pigeon lure you into a false sense of security by stating "Royal Mail claim 90% of First Class parcels are delivered the next day" and then mention that we must allow up to working 3 days for delivery for first class. So you think "Yeah, I'll risk it since it's 90% likely to arrive on time". BUT IT NEVER DOES. My "First Class" deliveries have ALWAYS taken 2-3 working days. I have my own Company and know for a FACT first class arrives next day and only around one in 300 of my parcels ever arrives late (so really there should be a 99.7% chance it would arrive the next day) THE TRUTH: They ship them from out of the UK (to save taxes) hence the rubbish postal service. They need to be more honest and stop leading people on. It's false advertising.

Office Furniture Online

Shoddy customer service when things go wrong

Ordered a tambour office cupboard. I took everything out of the packaging - only to find no instructions. So further time wasted messing around putting it all away (as it was the evening so I couldn't get instructions). I emailed them to confirm the instructions were missing. I received the instructions via email and printed them off. Again, I took everything out of the packaging only to find INCORRECT INSTRUCTIONS! So, again, messed around putting everything back away. Emailed them AGAIN - Monday 28th of Jan. It's now the 2nd of Feb. Guess what? No reply and no instructions. I've had to pay a joiner to put the unit together (as with his experience he could work out where everything goes). I'll never order from this company again as they've caused me unnecessary cost and time wasting.

04 February 2013

Reply from Office Furniture Online

Hi Katy,

Apologies for any issues you have had with your order. It sounds like we have tried to help by sending the instructions over, but perhaps the wrong ones were sent in error.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we hope you are happy with your cupboard now it is assembled.

Best Regards,

Office Furniture Online



You can return your order for free (not always if you do not buy direct from Amazon). Customer service replies almost straight away. Prices are often the lowest on the internet. Free delivery on all Amazon Fulfilled orders. There really is nothing negative to say. Apart from the odd delivery let-down - but usually that's the delivery company's fault.


Kept giving benefit of doubt - but not anymore....

The good: Yes, prices are often the best on the net - but is it worth the hassle, slow delivery and lack of customer service...?

I have used Zavvi many times since they started up and have only had one order that was satisfactory. They do not get pre orders to you on the day of release unless you pay a premium delivery rate.

Customer service is shockingly bad - you have to contact them as many as four times until you get a reply. My most recent transaction resulted in a Paypal dispute as they did not refund me for a returned item and ignored my emails. As soon as you raise it with Paypal, Zavvi manage to respond instantly! (Perhaps they do not want to lose the Paypal payment facility costing them valuable sales?). So unprofessional. Because of this, I recommend you pay by Paypal incase they mess you around like they did with me....

There have also been many occasions where Zavvi take your order to later on state item is not in stock (they don't tell you by email, you have to log into your account to chase it up - and see it in your order history). They would happily leave it a year and not tell you when you could have ordered the item elsewhere in the meantime.

It is really not worth ordering from Zavvi for the sake of saving a quid or two as the many minutes (and sometimes even hours) of time wasting involved in chasing it up is not worth it!


Don't Expect Your Free Gift to Arrive....

This is the second time over the last few years Great Magazines has let me down. My recent problem was ordering 12 months FHM subscription with free aftershave. I've contacted them 4 times since ordering chasing up my free gift (it's now been nearly 11 weeks). I had had a few delivery dates promised to me ("allow up to X amount of days" etc) and all those times have passed.... As far as I'm concerned they make promises they cannot keep and the customer service staff are generally liars!

Update: I have since received an email stating there is a delay with stock - thus confirming all previous emails from other employees were complete lies!!! I think this may be delay tactics so that it's too late to dispute with my credit card. Never again.



States free shipping on website - but they charged me over £5. Then marked my order as shipped. Didn't receive, so emailed them. Then I was told they have a stock issue and had to refund me. Very shady. Avoid!

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