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Customer service doesn't give the right informations

Because I did not book the ticket myself, the name on the e-ticket was not the name that I have on my passport (I wasn't baptise with the name that I am using) and I had to call them up to change the name - and I called British Airways because they are the ones that I am going to fly with.
British airways said it’s up to the travel agent to contact them to change the name but it shouldn’t be a problem. Then Opodo said they have contacted BA and said that it can be a completely different person (Even though I mentioned that my ID has both names on it, as well as a birthday and a photo) so they said there’s nothing Opodo can do and I’ll have to cancel a NON-REFUNDABLE FLIGHT and book it again. Alternatively I can call British Airways. I called British Airways again and they confirmed that it can be changed since and the surname is still the same but the travel agent will have to do it; and they will write a remark on the booking.
I called Opodo again and told them what British airways said, and Opodo reluctantly said this matter have to discuss and then called British Airways. I waited for another 5 minutes and Opodo said thereis a charge of £55 to change the name or I’ll have to get my passport changed (which can take up to 5 months and £90… and I still have another 4 years to go on the damn thing) so I said change it. THEN she mentioned she need a copy of my HKID as well as my passport so they can be sure it's the same person.

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