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Best before dates not watched, too much not delivered, offers not honoured

The good:
Small time slots for delivery, always been on time.
Lots of organic Food.
Nice ready meals.
Good selection.

The bad:
Where to begin, well, getting meat at 9pm with a use-by date of that same day.

Organic food is often horribly expensive.
The basics range keep shrinking, items I like disappear.

The cost of delivery is too high, if Iceland can deliver for free on a £35 shop then why do Sainsburys charge up to £6

Food that is already moldy.
Food that goes moldy before the best before date.
Cheese that went moldy in it's pack before opened and well before the BB date.

Items out of stock and not delivered on 100% of deliveries, Come on Sainsburys, stock control is not rocket science.

Special offers often out of stock and not delivered - I feel cheated by this, it's like bait and switch, except it's bait and not in stock.

Food delivered defrosted - ice creams ruined bah.

Stupid vouchers with my receipt for £15 off the first shop which of course I can't use... Every time - stapled to my receipt - why? why would you staple a voucher for the 1st internet shop to the 10th internet shop it's so f**king obvious that that voucher can't be used.

Vouchers that have to be used so quickly that you'll never use them.

Stupid little 'you would have saved 7p at the other supermarket' brand voucher that reminds you that they are more expensive, but it's really not worth bothering with for 7p.

HORRIFICALLY EXPENSIVE, seriously, like £3-£4 for a 1-2 portion cooked veg side - are you nuts Sainsburys?

I give up buying meals from Sainsburys, and of course the fruit and veg are horribly over-priced, I wish there was a market round here but there isn't. I've seen good fruit, very tasty, price a third of Sainsburys prices at market stalls in London.


No problems with the online shopping, 100% delivered

Shopped 3 times, was a bit miffed that they raised the minimum spend to £35 from £25 but it's not hard to buy £35 worth.

So far, 100% of what I shopped for has been delivered, Sainsburys on the other hand never deliver *everything*... well that's another review.

The deliveries have always been within the time slots, the drivers polite etc, an early timeslot would be nice for a lot of people as would smaller timeslots. and Later timeslots.

I haven't had need of customer service, if this changes then I will update review, talking of changes - it has been easy to amend my orders multiple times each after finishing the order.

The reviews of food on the site - many of them look like they have been written by sales people, very suspicious wordings.


Near Perfect, returns dealt with well.

I've used them a good few times now, but had to return a faulty light and some clothes that were a bad fit, but the returns procedure was straight forward and I got refunds for both items no problem.

I would have said perfect but they didn't refund postage, but the difference in price has covered that so I'm not fussed.


Good margin, overall - recommended

To pay for the items you have to make a bank transfer which is understandable as this is to protect them from the fraud which happens in this market.

I got a very good price for the item I bought and it also tested to be of the correct quality.

Communications was good in that they answered the phone quickly and were polite and professional but they did manage to get the address wrong initially so I would recommend making the order by phone rather than by the website (mistake made via website).

They did inform me immediately that the item wasn't in stock and could take a week or so to be in stock and indeed they posted it via special delivery within a few days of the order.

One star knocked off for the address mistake, that could of been costly if I hadn't of caught it, and I'm surprised that the address from internet to order could change, I guess there is a chance that I hit the wrong line in a drop down box, but it's not like me to make a mistake like that.


Honest, down to earth, recommended.

Just what you want from a cycle repair shop, they explain everything, the workshop is in the middle of the shop itself and no annoying attempts to sell unnecessary parts.

No communications problems - very good and quick.



I've ordered from them several times, stuff gets delivered quickly, there stock levels have always been accurate. They are good at communicating which makes a nice change from many websites.


All went smoothly and quickly

The delivery was very quick, and a free sport bottle and energy supplement were thrown in for free - nice touch, especially considering they already had one of the best prices. And delivery via royal mail is handy as I'm usually at work when deliveries come.

Didn't need to speak to customer services, so can't comment on that aspect.

Would definitely use again.

Synergy Health

Good service 2 or 4 times over a few years

I've bought Yaeyama Chlorella from them a few times over the past 3 or 4 years, every time the tablets have arrived quickly by royal mail. You get the usual email saying when the stuff is dispatched.

I can't say what customer services is like because orders always went through smoothly.

Overall, Recommended.


Felt Scammed - (CycleSurgery Pentonville Road Branch)

Took my bike in for maintenance, rear gears replaced when I thought they were ok, front cogs looked like they needed replacing but they didn't even adjust them. They sprayed something all over the place which smelt like wd40 and caused my disc brakes not to work.

Overall I got the impression they did 5 mins work and replaced as much as they could whilst leaving room to replace more later at more expensive prices than necessary.

Left me with a death-trap, could it be any worse?


Easy to contact

I bought some of the lower priced stuff - Milano shirt and Avenir cycle shorts, both turned out to be really good, the padded shorts work better than dhb's which didn't have the rubber grip to stop ride up (and *%$^& strangling!!).

I mucked up the order online and after a quick call the order was corrected and correct order was posted.

The bargain stuff still was very practical, will be buying more soon.

Cheap Supplements

Quick delivery, recorded no fuss, quick comm's

Have only made 1 purchase so far but the order arrived quickly and was royal mail recorded which I prefer, tracking code was given.

Reason I made the purchase from them is because they were the first to reply to my email asking if the energy powder was in stock - they answered the same night! - Others still haven't replied (a few days later).


Great for delivery options and customer service.

Ordered both via ebay and direct from their site, Recorded delivery option for £1 was nice because I've had royal mail lose several items.

Customer service was good, quickly refunded when appropriate.

Delivery was quick every time.

Price was the best :-)

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