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Pet Supermarket

Fast and good value

It took only 2 days for my order to arrive and both products in excellent condition, very impressive. The products I purchased were far cheaper than anywhere else I could find online. I will definitely be using Pet Supermarket again.

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From the time of sending off my phone to receiving my cheque took approx 5 days. Excellent speedy service.


A bit cluttered

This is a good website for finding deals and offers that you would never had known about. The only problem is that the site is very untidy and cluttered. It can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for.

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I have tried to get on with Yahoo a few times now. I find that there searches are not brilliant and the overall look of Yahoo is really very boring and out of date now.



I ordered GHD straighteners and they arrived in 3 days. Well packaged and in excellent condition. They were the cheapest I had found after a substantial search on the internet and free delivery too. I am very pleased and will use them again.



Hobbs sell good quality and classy clothes. I have a few items I have purchased from them. All of which are excellent. The only downfall are the prices. But, I suppose you get what you pay for don't you. For a special occasion or smart office/executive wear, perfect.



I have been using slicethepie for a while now. Apart from a few technical hiccups, it is a great site. You get to write reviews on new tracks from new artists and you get paid for doing it. Good way to fill in spare time.


Needs modernising

Evans feels a little out of touch. They have tried updating their styles, but to be honest; most of it looks tiresome and dreary. The staff are always friendly and quick to help if you need it and the website is easy to navigate. It is just a shame that a majority of the clothes are not modern enough.


Great value

Love Honey are great value. They have some rather nice underwear especially if you want that little something extra to look sexy. They also have a good choice of special adult toys, if you need or want them. Everything is very well priced and the site is easy to navigate around.

T Mobile

Good choice of tariffs

I have used T Mobile in the past. I was a customer of theirs for 4 years. The only reason I changed to 3 is because they offered me a better deal with a great smartphone. But now I wish I had stayed with T Moblie. I will consider moving back once my contract expires. T Mobile have a good and fair variety of tariffs. The customer services are always helpful too. I trust them and miss them really.



We have a new Aldi right next to our local Tesco now, so I thought I would give it a try. A lot of the food is very good value and a lot cheaper, especially essentials like milk, bread and sugar. The staff are a bit miserable looking though, so they need a bit of training on the customer service side. Overall, good value for the basics.


Good value

This year was the first time I used Easy Jet. I chose it because of the cost. Very good value overall. The cabin crew are very polite and friendly. I am glad it was only a short trip though, as they do squeeze a lot of seats on one plane, so it was a tight fit.



Sky always seem to blow up stories out of all proportion, especially if it is celebrity news. They ask ridiculous questions to try and get the interviewee to put there foot in it. They also tend to drag a story out for far too long.

24 7electrical

Fast service

I have used this company twice now. On both occasions the delivery was quick and the products good quality and excellent value. I will use them again.



I used to buy from River Island a lot. Now though, I find that a lot of their cloths look tacky and are not made as well as they used to be. I hardly ever buy from there now, I always pop in for a browse but seem to come out empty handed and disappointed.


Good deals

My local Lloyds Pharmacy alway have a £1 shelf. I pop in at least once a fortnight to see what is on the shelf, there is always something there I want. From Radox, Dove pack of 4 soaps, Imperial Leather Talc...the list goes on. Great value for a small local pharmacy.


Great customer service

I use the Esso in Lewes regularly and every time the staff have been friendly and pleasant to deal with. I do find that the fuel seems to go further on the mileage too that other fuels I have used in the past.


We used BCP at Gatwick airport when we went on holiday. It was so easy. We booked online. When we arrived everything was organised and ready for us. They parked the car for us, then there bus dropped us off at the terminal. When we arrived back in the UK their bus picked us up and took us bak to the car park. I car was in great condition. They had our keys waiting and we in and out within minutes. Definately will use them again.



Maybe it is just me, but I cannot get on with Ask Jeeves. It all feels to clumsy to use and I hardly ever find the answer to anything I look up. The layout does not seem user friendly at all.


Well done

I always feel comfortable in my local Homebase. It is always tidy and the staff very friendly most of the time. There are alway good offers available and a large range of products to choose from, all of which have been good quality when I have purchased from them. I would definitely recommend them.


excellent quality

I do like the quality of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats in Waitrose. You really can tell the difference. The food seems to stay fresh longer too. The only downfall is the cost. It is a lot more pricey than other stores, but then I guess you get what you pay for.



Every time I walk into Primark I am shocked at the state of the store. Everything looks so messy and the goods are very low quality. The store just feels uninviting. I have never bought anything from the store, but my friend and daughter have. Both have complained about the goods after just a couple of days.



I love my Macbook Pro. It is very fast, excellent quality and picture perfect. It takes some getting used to the different set up between Macbook and sony Viao which I used to use, but now, I would not change it for the world.


Value for money

I have been a customer of 3 for about 4 years now. I have found there customer service very helpful on the 3 occasions that I have contacted them. There tariffs are fair and good value. Also, if you are a customer with them and call to ask for a more competitive deal , they are usually more than happy to try and help. My contract is due for renewal soon and I think I will probably stay with them.


Very expensive

We used to have Sky TV. Just the bare minimal of channels for us. But, after 3 years the Sky bill kept rising and before we knew it we were paying almost £40 per month for a few channels. We decided to opt out and cancel our subscription. We have now had freeview for a while, and I must say I do not miss Sky (apart from UK Gold) at all. Far too expensive.


Annoying salesmen

Comet itself is ok for a browse around and to check out prices of goods Most of the time I find the goods cheaper online to be honest. The thing that really annoys me when I go into Comet, is that Virtually as soon as I walk into the store I am accosted be a salesman asking 'Are you alright madam, can I help you?' I always say I am browsing, but 2 minutes later I am approached AGAIN by a different salesman asking the same question. This happens continuously until I leave the store. I just want to be left alone to browse. If I need assistance I will find it.



I have ordered flowers twice from Next Flowers and will not be ordering from them again. The first time was a bouquet of what looked like beautiful pink flowers on their website. When the recipient received them, they were in poor condition and took 3 days to perk up. The 2nd time was for my mothers birthday, AGAIN when the flowers arrived they looked half dead and took a good 3 days to perk up completely. Not good for what was supposed to be a lovely surprise for someone on both occasions. I will not be ordering from them again.


Good service.

I have ordered fron HMV a few times now. Every CD and DVD I ordered arrived within 3 days and in perfect condition. The prices on HMV are very competitive too. I always search online for the cheapest site offering me good deals for what I am looking for, and for DVD's or CD's HMV are very good most of the time.

John Lewis

Quick service

Last week I ordered some Christmas gifts from the John Lewis website. I could not believe it when they all arrived 2 days later. I expected the delivery to be 4-5 days. Everything I ordered was in the parcel and all was in excellent condition. Free delivery too. Well done John Lewis, I will be using you again.


I have used Expedia a couple of times now and on both occasions the result has been excellent. I had no problems using the website to book hotels, I was immediately sent email booking confirmation followed by hotel confirmation. There were no problems at either of the hotels when I arrived. Rooms were as expected, in fact one was upgraded. The prices on Expedia are also very good and competitive.
I will definately use them again.


Very good

I ordered 2 glass lamps from BHS online. They arrived 2 days later, one was had a crack going righ through it. I contacted customer services via email immediately. They really were very quick and helpful. They sent me another straight away and had the broken one collected and returned free of charge. The replacement lamp that arrived wad perfect. I was very impressed with the service and will use them again.



I have been using Quidco for about 18 months. I have saved over £300 so far. It is very easy to register and to use. If you shop online frequently the it is worth shopping via Quidco. They have loads of well known stores on their site Halfords, Debenhams, Tesco, John Lewis, Superdrug....the list is endless. You will get cash back if you shop via Quidco. Take a look a the their site, have a good look round and register, you won't regret it.

LI Hamburg

Quality and Natural

I love Liz Earle products. The website is so easy to use too. All the products are natural and extremely good quality. They are pricey, but in my view, worth every penny. The skin care range is beautiful and leaves the skin nourished and supple, the body washes are to die for, smell gorgeous and leave the skin so soft and moisturised. Absolutely my favourite of all.


What is all the fuss about?

I decided to give Twitter a go as everyone seems to be Tweeting nowadays. I find it quite difficult to get my head around and not really much fun. Maybe I was expecting too much from it. I will continue to Tweet occasionally but it is not exciting enough to keep me gripped.

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Great Fun

You Tube really is great for when you are bored. Just type in a word and you will be amazed at the videos that come up. There are so many fun topics that you could be on there for hours. Great fun. I have never personally uploaded a video myself, but me friend has and it was pretty quick and easy to do.


Easy to use.

The initial sign up to PayPal is a bit of a faff, but overall I have found them very easy to use. Money can be withdrawn quickly too, which is helpful. I have been using PayPal for about 2 years and had only one issue which was sorted out within 48 hours, so not bad form my point of view.


Great Search engine

I really enjoy using Google as my primary search engine. I have found that it is quick and easy to use, not confusing at all. The links are relevant to my search words most of the time. I have had the occasional search that has been pretty irrelevant, but theses are few and very far between. Google, a first choice for me.


Privacy an issue

Although Facebook is great for keeping in touch with family and friends, I have found that privacy is an issue. Even after selecting the privacy requests, it is still a problem. I do not feel that Facebook s particularly safe to use and has been many the cause of arguments from people that I know.

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Very efficient

I have been using Amazon for a couple of years now.. I have never had any problems. It is always easy to find a good selection of items, usually at fair prices. Delivery is very quick 2-4 days usually. Easy to use account too. I have highly recommended Amazon to my friends and family.

PointShop A/S

Excellent site

Pointshop is an effective way to make money just by clicking through pointshops links when you are shopping online. You can also make money by blogging, review campaigns and playing games. These are just a few of the money making ideas. Great site!

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