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All fur coat and no knickers

Gloosy mag, rubbish quality, once you are listed you are to receive junk mail for ever more and also statements claiming money for three months after account closed and was paid in full. INEPT OR POSSIBLY ALMOST BORDERING ON THE ILLEGAL? DONT FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.... DO NOT TOUCH IT !!!!!!!!!>>>>AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!

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All singing and dancing CRAP

I ordered an oven part and paid online for next day delivery.
I received all the texts and emails confirming the order and that it had been despatched.
It didnt arrive by early evening and I called them "Sorry sir, it wil be there tomorrow, I have have refunded your next day delivery charge"
They didnt refund it.
It didnt arrive the next day and after another call I was told I was to be called back after they made some enquiries.
They didnt, so I called back again and was now told it wouldnt arrive that day either (Friday) and faced the weekend not providing hot meals for my sons. I told them not to bother and wanted an immediate refund. I was told they could only refund me when they got it back, to which I protested that I have paid for it and not got it and their issue was for the courier company.
One WEEK later my wife mistakenly signed for it when it miraculously arrived. I wanted to return it and was told IT WOULD BE AT A COST TO ME!
We arranged for the charge to be dropped, and await today for the 'excellent' courier service to collect it....dont hold your breath.

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