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Best deal on i-phone 4 AND good service?

Well, yeah actually.

Having been a bit of a luddite, I've only just gone over to a smart phone.

Too much choice in all areas, yada, yada, yada.

So having decided on a white i-phone 4, started the laborious task of finding the best deal. But, as we all know to our cost, the lowest price does not always get you the best deal or follow-up service. In fact, usually the opposite.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when everything went smoothly. The call centre staff are really friendly and helpful, the delivery was quick & the getting me started with 'Three' dead easy too. I even got my number ported.

So perhaps, like me, you saw the slightly off-putting name and were wondering if this company might be trading out of a potting shed with a few boxes of knocked-off phones? Rest assured - it's a related company to the Carphone warehouse & gets a really good 4 stars from me.

It would have been 5, but for the fact they insist you sign up to mobile insurance & a gadget helpline, free for the first month. You then need to remember to cancel the policies or face a subsequent charge.


Fantastic Customer Service

This is the kind of company you want to deal with.

I bought a REVIBER a few months ago (like a power plate) as I'm now over 40 & can do with all the help I can get!

It was working okay for a while, but then started playing up & wouldn't stay on the power level I selected.

I called up the company which is based in Hull & explained the situation. The first guy I spoke to said no problem get it back to us & we'll test it & send a replacement.

The thing is pretty heavy & didn't want to lug into town (even with the offer of a freepost address) and I didn't have the original box.

I called up again and spoke to a lovely woman who understood my predicament and re-jigged their complex ordering system to find a courier who could deliver me a new one, while waiting for me to swap the boxes & take the duff one back.

Simple. I love it when companies do not have staff sitting on their arses reading Heat mag while regurgitating 'Sorry, that's not company policy'

WELL DONE HULL & STRESS NO MORE - You certainly live up to your name!



I placed an order for a Caribee Fast Track 75 Backpack - the site clearly said 'IN STOCK' I paid & was looking forward to getting it delivered in a few days.
Just received an email saying it's actually out of stock - would I like the larger one?
NO - if I did, I'd have ordered it.


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