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Good products but customer service so so

Great products and quirky ideas. Good things for stocking fillers and presents.

Customer service not so good. I wrote to them, their answer was useless and proved they had not read my query. I wrote back - they never replied.

I have an item to return now as the packaging is damaged. I have been away for Easter hols so just picked up their instructions. We'll see how it is handled but I expect it will be good.


Great Products

Love the mattress and the pillows. Perfect service and delivery. Great company.



In general very good.

When changing computers music and video has to be downloaded again and audio books are lost completely, which is not good.

The listings could be better and easier to use.


Very poor

Cannock used to be a great company but not so now. Customer service is useless and ineffectual. They tried to deliver my order (gates) when I was at work (no notice), then had to wait ages for a re-delivery. Never called me back - never investigated the problem. In the end I got a decent employee and got the gates delivered.

But their gates are no longer treated, so more work for me. Their ironwork also needs treating by me. And the gates were not perfect condition. Now I will have to go back to them if I need more fobs for the gate, which the electrician they supplied said was virtually impossible for me to programme as it was all done on a circuit board.

Their sub contractor was appalling.


Generally good

I like ebay and generally have no problems. Have bought and sold and all pretty easy.

One issue - I purchased an item which could not be paid for until the seller gave me postage details. Seller never replied to anything but I could not get ebay to remove the item that I had "not paid for". Eventually it just fell off after time. But communication with ebay directly could be a lot better.


Bad customer service

Customer service are useless. Firstly it takes ages to find the correct way to contact them. Emails go unanswered until you have found the correct route. Then they do reply but can never fix the problem. They have lots of software issues and problems reported tend to go away with their next "upgrade". They have a monopoly and take it for granted.


Good for book lovers

I like this company and the monthly credit scheme works well. Plus got a free story at Christmas. I didn't know you could return books - just read that below. And there could be more choice.


Food is good but too much waste

I used this company for a while and their food is good. But when I signed up I was told there would always be some alternatives on the van for swaps. We are allergic to tomatoes and they were in every box. There were never any swaps so I was paying for food that I had to give away !

Customer service was not helpful and when I went to cancel they were pushy and kept trying to get me to have bigger or smaller boxes. Abel and Cole are better.

Abel & Cole


Boxes delivered on time. Food fresh and delicious. Good range of fruit and veg and never make mistakes or deliver anything I don't want.

They started by delivering mid afternoon and I asked could it be first thing or last thing. They now deliver before 7am so I can take box in before work. Perfect customer service.


Great Company

Brilliant find. Always use them first for toys now, especially the one in Beckton, London. Always have what I want. Can reserve online. Just a brilliant place.

Good sometimes and sometimes not

Very hit and miss. Sometimes things arrive and are fine. Sometimes items just don't arrive. They claim they tried to deliver when I was home and gardening in my front garden, so clearly didn't try....

Customer service not helpful at all. And emails, calls just go back and forth with them saying the same thing. Would not use them again as a first option.


Useless and Terrible customer service

I put an order in which did not arrive. Took them over 10 days to send another set out and funnily enough the 2 sets arrived on the same day ! Customer service were totally unhelpful and really patronising. They just kept repeating the same old rubbish that they had resolved the issue as quickly as they could. They could, of course, have sent the replacement as an urgent delivery - but they were not prepared to do this.

Quality of the cards was not good. The picture was small and looked out of character. The mouse mat wasn't particularly wonderful. But it was the disgusting customer service that really annoyed me.

Go to - they have just done me some beautiful cards, no problem and early delivery.

06 February 2013

Reply from Vistaprint

Hi Rory , We’re sorry that your experience with us hasn't been a positive one. We’d like to change that. One of our customer service team will be in touch with you to sort that out. Thanks


Excellent in all ways

Business cards are beautiful and well crafted. Easy to make. Delivery was earlier than expected. An all round great service. So much better than direct competitors.

John Lewis

They used to be good......

John Lewis used to be great and offer great service; but like most companies they have gone down hill. My last encounter with them was a disaster. They messed up my order and then couldn't deliver for another week even though their website said they could deliver in 2 days.

Customer support were extremely bad. In the end I went to Comet !

Excellent Service

Always on time or earlier. Never even disturb me. Just fill my oil tank and go. No hassle, no problems, no delays.

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