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I do not usually bother with testimonials, other things to do.

I have to have either a very bad service, or one that is worth talking about before I give my verdict on a company.
With ref to Tradeworks:
We are on a long tour with our charity mainly in the west country living in a large luxury caravan, and as TV signals are sometimes poor in these conditions, we decided to try the free sat way, having nothing to do with any satalite methods before, we were completely in the dark.
We discounted caravan dealers, and high street shops, through high prices, and a lack on experience or honest help.
I found Tradeworks, and looked at their very interesting site.
I was going to buy a larger dish just to be sure, but the gentleman I spoke to talked me out of it, telling me I didnt need it, especially as we were going down south.
Many companies would have sold the larger dish to get more money out of me, but not tradeworks !
They sent the dish out to the camp site we were staying at with next day delivery, without fuss.
An added bonus would be I do not think I could have found a better price.
when I had trouble tuning it in, I was put right over the phone by a very helpful man, (it was only my lack of experience not having anything to do with dishes).
Every location we have stayed at these past 6 months, we have had perfect TV reception, tuning is a doddle once you know how, the sat finder works great, but it would also be just as easy without it.
the box instructions we have said if we have a signal over 50%, we would have a good reception, we usually have 95% !
the only comment is if any one uses a tripod put guide ropes on it should it be windy, but that is just common sence.
We would recommend free sat to anyone, and we would recommend buying the system from Tradeworks.
We have had many campers ask about what we have while touring and have recommended Tradeworks.
Reverend Malcolm Rooke.

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