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Just Eat

Order lost, waited for hours whilst Just Eat and the shop blamed each other.

The website indicates that it is confirming your order with the relevant takeaway shop, then sends a confirmation email but these don't apparently mean anything. After waiting for 1.5 hours I called the shop who claim they have not received anything, I call Just Eat who claim the shop is no longer taking orders from Just Eat. Why on earth I got several confirmations when the order was lost into the ether is beyond me.

The subsequent customer service from Just Eat was slow, appalling, and largely unhelpful, at on point I had to ask if I was talking to a computer bot, am excruciatingly slow one at that. And now cancelling my order (which never really existed) will take a whopping 7 business days to reach my account again. Its a good job not all business run like this, pretty sure the high street can refund my card instantly if they make a mistake or I need a refund.

I've used Just-Eat several times without a problem before and found it to be a great service. But it only takes one event like this with the mouths of several hungry, tired, and angry people waiting for food (that will never arrive) to make be avoid these guys in the future.

If I want to gamble I'll go to the bookies thanks, and maybe pick up a take-away on the way home.

13 September 2011

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hi Ollie,

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the experience you've had in using the Just Eat website. It would seem that we failed to deliver for you from both a service and customer care perspective and for this I'm really very sorry.

While I appreciate from your comment that it would seem that we have lost you as a customer, I'd really like the opportunity to prove to you that the experience you've had in using Just Eat this time is not the one that we wish for customers to go away with.

Do you have the order number still that you would have received in your email confirmation? If you can email me this as well as your just-eat email address I'd be happy to investigate this for you and make things right.

Kind regards

Robin Martin
Just Eat Social Media

Email: robin.martin@just-eat.co.uk

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