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Decent range of products and competitive prices

I infrequently buy from Ebuyer unless it is consumables or cheap products as when you add their delivery charges on, the prices are not competitive.

If I need quite a few items and can get it above the free delivery threshold then it usually works out cheaper but I still have the dilemma of whether to risk it.

I have had a few issues although they have all been adequately resolved by Ebuyer and most are a result of them insisting on using City-Link for my deliveries and this is my main gripe. I refuse to pay a delivery charge if I think there is a possibility that it may go to City-Link as nearly every problem I have had with City-Link has been when I have purchased from Ebuyer (and it has always been City-Link at fault).

If I could chose who delivers my items, they could get more business from me but as it stands, I would rather pay for petrol to drive to CCL and pick my items up, even though it costs me slightly more.

15 September 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I would firstly like to apologise for the problems you have had with City-link when receiving our orders.

I am happy to hear that we have been able to resolve these problems for you and we would like to thank you for your positive comments.

We are glad to hear that you are pleased with our range of stock and our prices, your comments regarding the delivery charge will be passed along.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


Not as cheap as initially thought

Whilst paying for a flight for my dad to return to Spain, this seemed to be the cheapest one way deal but turned out to be anything but the cheapest.

It let me book his flight and had to pay a credit card surcharge which is the norm for these types of companies. The problem was that he just wanted a cheap flight and did not care where he sat so did not want to pay extra to chose where to sit (as you normally do with other airlines).

We were able to book a flight and the money was deducted but then we found that booking a flight does not automatically allocate a seat and you have to ACTUALLY PAY MORE afterwards to sit down.

As you have no option but to pay for a seat, surely it should be impossible to book a flight without booking a seat. Had we known that you have got to chose a seat and pay extra, we could have either looked elsewhere or paid for it at the time of the original booking.

Instead, because the reservation had already been paid for, a second payment had to be made for the cheapest seat and a second card surcharge was applied for the flight to be taken.

Therefore they ripped us off for £7 or so extra for the credit card surcharge which is a fixed amount by allowing a flight to be booked seperately.


Used to be good coverage but slowly getting worse

For information, I used to work for this company and they have their good points but I left of my own accord for a reason.

The coverage is getting worse, my parents and sisters houses now have virtually no signal when they used to get a decent signal. My sister was locked into a 24mth dongle contract and unable to use it for over a year and I was unable to do anything about it. I felt really bad as it was me that got my manager to do her the deal which was superb whilst the dongle was useable.

They are quite expensive and there was one other mobile phone company who could better any deal that I could offer to customers so when they walked in the shop and told me they were with them, I always knew it was a waste of time trying to get them to change to Vodafone. Other networks were never a problem at one point as Vodafone was one of the best, if not the best in the area.

If I did not get a massive discount from them, I would now be with their main competitor, mainly because I feel annoyed that if I visit my parents, sister or one of my cousins, I cannot get a signal on my Vodafone provided HTC.

Even work left them as a provider as they could not provide our sales Director with a signal at home in a relatively densely populated area of Sheffield. Even though we had about 10 phones, he struggled to get a Vodafone Sure Signal unit from them to use although he still found it unusable as they had only provided him with a cheap 2.5G Blackberry phone and he needed to have a 3G phone.

I have even found the internet can sometimes be VERY slow on the handset when my friends handsets are working fine on other networks.


Convenient although not without its flaws

I sell infrequently on Ebay, usually taking advantage of free listing days although I do not know why as I only save a few pence.

There are a few errors that exist on the site since their last major overhaul that do not seem to be getting fixed but as a rule these can be got around. For example, I had a listing that constantly told me there was an unanswered question when it had in fact been answered ages ago. I think sometimes it is down to me clicking on the email to answer rather than going through the messages section.

It is expensive as a personal seller to sell as they take about 10% and make you take Paypal as an option who also want their cut if a buyer uses them.

The range is quite large but I have found that quite a lot of the daily deals are not very good and sometimes are items that are being replaced or can be found cheaper elsewhere.

Ebay can be good to try and locate obscure items.

My main gripe is that they have some kind of malinformed belief that there are no bad buyers, only bad sellers. If you are messed about by a buyer, you can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback. I have been threatened a couple of times with negative feedback and had to contact Ebay about it.

I have seen a buyer with 100% positive feedback and only when I have read the feedback comments, found that every comment was VERY negative. I had problems and had I known, I would not have sold to him.

City Link

I have stopped buying from some places because they use City-Link as their courier!

If I know a company would use City-Link to deliver my goods, I buy elsewhere.

They are the only courier company whose driver does not understand that my drive gate slides to the side to open and I have seen it on my CCTV camera where the driver gets out, pushes and pulls violently on my gate and then goes back, writes a card and pushes it into a gap on my gate. Luckily it was still just readable when I eventually looked out of the living room window to spot the card. I had arranged to work from home as I had expected the delivery.

Then, trying to arrange for me to collect from their offices was a complete joke. I urgently needed the parcel but no one wanted to answer the number that I eventually managed to get for the leeds office where the parcel ended up. When I got there, the service was appaling.

I once found a very decomposed card in my garden amongst the leaves that collect in a corner which did not give any clue as to whether it was mine or had just been blown in by the wind. I found it was for something of mine and had I not found it that day, they would have returned it to the sender.

I have had cards pushed through the letterbox when I have been in. I had even wedged the kitchen door open in case they knocked quietly instead of ringing the door bell. Again, CCTV showed the driver walk over to the door and walk away seconds later so I have to assume that he had already written the card out before approaching the house as he only made one journey to the house and had no parcel with him when he did.

Before I installed CCTV, I had to send proof of my signature to Ebuyer because I had apparently signed for an item when I was 55 miles away. Obviously the signature was nothing like mine and I know no one else was at the house. Funnily enough, about 3 months later, I looked out of the rear patio doors to find a scruffy yellow bag in the middle of the lawn. The delivery driver had been, left the parcel outside the rear patio doors (which we never used during the winter) and it had been outside for 3 months. The neighbours cats had obviously been at it as it was all ripped and the contents (a £130 motherboard) was lying at the side of it, very wet and mouldy.
If he had left me a note telling me to look around the back, I would have been slightly annoyed but happy that I had my £130 motherboard and I may not have realized that my signature had been forged.

I think the guys at work feel the same as we have had over £8000 of goods left outside the dispatch doors in the rain. Luckily they were not pinched and were clingfilm wrapped but as we did not get there until just before 9am, they had been sat outside on their own for over an hour. They consistently try to deliver before 9am even when we tell them we do not get there until just before 9 and are reluctant to do anything about this.

All in all, I think I have had more problematic deliveries than successful ones from City-Link.


Very Convenient but expect some issues

We regularly internet shop with Tesco and have used it for electrical goods but mostly for our grocery shopping when we are feeling lazy.

Delivery has been fine, sometimes it has been before our time slot which has not caused a problem so far but I am not sure what would happen if they attempt to deliver before the time slot and we were not in. Delivery drivers are always very friendly.

The main problem is that about 1/4 to 1/3 of the deliveries results in us having to phone up for some reason.

The dates are not usually too much of a problem however very occasionally the best before or use by dates are inconvenient (2 pizza's and sausages may have the next day so we are forced to have sausage casserole the next evening and pizzas the evening after when they are just out of date).

More often than not we have substitutes which half of the time are fine, other times no good for us. The substitutes can be rejected at point of delivery which is fine but I sometimes struggle to understand how a bag of golden delicious apples can be considered an appropriate substitute for a bag of pears.

It is the offers that cause us so much of a problem. We sometimes buy items for the offers but if they are substituted, the offer is not. Sometimes the offer is just missed out altogether.

We sometimes have to phone and say "It said on the web site that I get 'x' if I buy this but 'x' is missing from the delivery".

As with any grocery delivery service, the other niggly item is the ripeness of items like bananas. Our last delivery on Friday provided us with green bananas but today (tuesday) they are still very green and I normally have one at breakfast time at work. Therefore I did not have one yesterday or today. Had I done my shopping in store, I would have ensured the bananas I chose would have allowed me to eat them when I wanted them.

I understand there is a personal choice associated with such items as above and it is hard for Tesco to know how ripe I like my bananas and it would be nice if there was an option to select how ripe they should be (i.e. yellow, part yellow/green or pure green like the ones they supplied). I would have preferred yellow ones which were still part green.

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Great range of products

As usual, they had what I wanted at the right price and arrived in plenty of time for my daughters birthday.

Not sure why two Blu-Ray films from the same seller were sent in seperate jiffy bags but they arrived at the same time and I did not get charged extra.


They may be called Talk Talk but they do not Listen Listen to Customers

I had many happy years with Tiscali and had some slight ups and downs but when Talk Talk took over, I KNEW from relatives and friends experiences that thinks were not going to be as rosy.

I had internet connectivity problems with most web pages taking around 30 seconds to load. This was the same on all 3 PC's in my house and my mobile phone over WiFi. In fact, surfing the internet was FASTER on my mobile phone when on the phone network or using a Vodafone 3G dongle on the PC.

I phoned their tech support (in Mumbai) who would not listen to me (I am an ex-college lecturer in PC Programming and Maintenance and know a bit about how computers work). They wanted me to change various settings on my PC, including disabling startup items in MSCONFIG but then told me to ignore the message telling me to reboot as it was not necessary. This is when I finally decided they did not know what they were talking about (Startup items get loaded at startup and configuring the PC to not load them and not rebooting is pointless because they have already loaded up).

They consistently blamed my WiFi setup and told me WiFi will always be very slow and could normally take up to 30 seconds to load a page over WiFi.

This is why I decided to change to PlusNet (Great Service).

I knew they would mess the billing up and try to bill me for service after I had changed provider so I emailed them to tell them I was cancelling the Direct Debit and would make a final payment manually. As soon as the next bill was generated by their system, they cut my phone off as soon as they realized the Direct Debit was cancelled. Sure enough they were trying to bill me in advance and also had the cheek to try to add an extra £50 for the Direct Debit being Cancelled.

I made a manual payment for what I had calculated to owe them and ignored all communication thereafter as I had changed to PlusNet a couple of days later. They no longer persue me for money that I do not owe them.

Farnell Cpc

Fast delivery as usual

I ordered six or seven items and one was out of stock and estimated to be a couple of months for delivery but was suprised to find it delivered just over a week after the order. Delivery is always fast and they must start picking the order almost immediately after it is placed. The items are always in good condition when they arrive although I do think that the outer cartons used are always too large for the contents.

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