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AVOID at all costs. How are they operating like this?

Here's a bullet list of events that have happened:
- Order placed and email confirmation received
- Order not despatched when it said it was supposed to be
- Called MyProtein to query as no response to email
- Spoke to 'Nancy' at 6.57 who confirmed there was a 'query' with the order bt did not know what this meant and would call me back in a couple of minutes..
- 7.25 and no call so i called them and spoke to 'Roberto' at 7.26
- Roberto was the most incompetent customer service agent that i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.
- I was told that the 'dereberer' department will call me back in 24-48 hours.
- I said this wasn't good enough and queried what 'dereberer' was - he didn't know...?
After stating again that all i wanted to know was what the query was and whether my order would be sent he said he didn't know and stuck me on hold with no warning.
- He came back after several and said 'sdjfhgsafafasnfaoifnaslkfn'? - no clue what he said then i was back on hold for 10 minutes.
- Finally 'David' answered and did not know why he was put through to me so I re-explained the situation.
- David told me that I had previously placed an order with Zavvi who requested 'evidence' of my billing address and i did not provide this.
- I did have a problem ordering with Zavvi (another poor company part of the same group) in the past but was never asked for any 'evidence' as he stated so i don't know what that was about but effectively my order and myprotein account were cancelled.

I have items delivered weekly to my house from a wealth of different companies and never had so much trouble.

Really do not know how a company can carry on like this and still be in business.



Sent gold, received email saying quote on it's way. Quote never arrived!! Called MANY times - voicemail only - nobody answered! Left MANY messages for them to call me back with no response.

Sent MANY emails but again, no response!!

So now they have my gold and i have NO gold and NO money!!

Unsure what to do next - seeking help from citizens advice next.



Most incompetent customer service ever?

I won't bore you with the full details as it's a long and dull story.
I was with BG on a set monthly amount for my gas and moved home - transferring my service and also using them for electricity this time around too.

Before moving, I called to get the home move set in motion and give my meter readings - I was told that i was £150 in credit - great!
After the move, i received a final bill for the previous property - £390 so I called to query as I was told I was actually in credit?? The person I spoke to could not work out why i had been billed this as he too could see I should be in credit - he said he would query and call me back the next day BUT he never.

I waited a few more days then called them, waited 25 mins in queue and gave up - tried again 2 days later and gave up again (calling from mobile - really expensive).

A couple of days after this, I received a letter from a debt collection agency stating I had 7 days to pay THEM not British Gas. I tried to call BG again but too long-a wait so I emailed.

Had a call back from complaints dept who admitted that I was promised a call but this was not made. The bill was explained to me and the person i spoke to previously had got it wrong so I did owe the £390. I opted to pay this over a couple of payments as it was quite large. After admitting that I was not called and this lead to the debt collection, this was recalled (no apology though - made to feel he was doing ME the favour).

I couldn't make the first payment on this bill as it would take a few days to transfer back to them from debt agency but was promised a call back to arrange this once transferred back to them BUT again this was not done and once again it went back to the debt collection agency -because they failed to call me again.

Finally, I have been able to setup the payments to clear the bill. I have also moved both my gas and electricity to EDF in hope of better service.



Returned 2 items to the value of £85. Been waiting an age for the refund. They claim they never received it and wanted proof of postage. After sending them proof of postage I received two more emails mentioning nothing about the postal receipt I had sent over but instead was told to wait 10 working days (having already been through this and previously established it had been 10 working days already). I then received a further email stating that as I sent the form over via my MacBook they are unable to view it (its not any kind of mac file - just a Jpeg). After disputing I've been told unless I can get this to them again using a non Apple device I won't be receiving my refund. How very decent if them. So I'm now forced to wait until I can visit a friend to email it over again as I only have a MacBook.

Absolutely ridiculous but the worst part about it has been the poor customer service and having not helped me at all the end of the email reads 'if I can help you further please get in touch' - joking right? That along with what must be generic templates as I've received the exact same email about 5 times - real personable...

Never had an issue until returning and like I say it's the poor service and lack of care that has annoyed me the most.


Over 3 weeks later...

Absolutely ridiculous, they could be (almost) forgiven for their ridiculous prices offered if the service were smooth and fast. Alas neither are great or even ok. The barcode scanner didn't work on either my phone or MacBook so had to manually enter 75 codes. Then after collection it took three weeks and one day to be paid. How absurd! Wouldn't use them again and definitely wouldn't recommend them.

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Shoddy business practice

Firstly it is 13th september today, I ordered 15 rolls of film from 7dayshop on the 19th of August. I never received my order after around 10 days for whatever reason so I contacted them and was told to wait a further 10 days which I annoyingly did. Still no items so i contacted them again and was told replacement items were going to be sent out to me. When my replacement order arrived today they sent me 5 rolls of film, unboxed and just thrown into an envelope. Hardly what I ordered.... so now after waiting just under a month I have a third of what I ordered and am £37 out of pocket. Don't be drawn in by their cheap prices, delivery takes forever as they are not in mainland UK and as you can see, if you get a problem they are shocking at solving it. They have no contact number to call them on only a comment box. Poor.

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