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congeiled cheese on a cold pizza!!

zero rating,food was a little late which i was ok with, even though i ordered it an hour earlier so had plenty of time to get two minutes drive away!! When it turned up it was very nearly cold, even the cheese was congeiled back to hard cheese so hard you could easily seperate the slices with your little finger and not get burnt!! The delivery girl when i said " this is cold"- told me, it had left the store two minutes ago and, i said it cant of done. She told me to stop arguing!! i asked for another fresh pizza or a refund and she remarked it's because i cant pay!! even though i had already paid with my debit card an hour before. She left with my pizza-NO REFUND of £15.95!! I then had to call the store and was told by the Manager no refunds on on-line orders! Who's ever heard of that? You don't order from NEXT, Karen Millen or superdry etc on-line and don't get a refund if faulty,as my pizza so clearly was! Listen to there slogan guys_this will make you laugh!! We're mad about great service!! OH HOW I'M BURSTING MY SIDES OPEN!!! I ended up with a stone cold pizza re-delivered back to me in 3 minutes, so goes to show how cold it was before,even in it's special bag! I think if you order for later they cook it well early and take it out with early orders and you get yours cold and last!!!! Enjoy all, who orders!! It was my very first there and very last,as i had no apology from the manager at the call,no offer of a fresh hot pizza and it was a DEFINATE NO to a refund!! Great customer service?! Oh i'm only putting 1 star as you can't rate a zero!

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Brighton, United Kingdom